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Essay/Term paper: 1984

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1984 is a political parable. George Orwell wrote the novel to show

society what it could become if things kept getting worse. The first

paragraph of the book tells the reader of the "swirl of gritty

dust....The hallway smelt of boiled cabbage and old rag mats." Just from

these few lines Orwell makes it clear that there was absolutely nothing

victorious abuot Victory Mansions. Every image the reader recieves from

Winston Smith is pessimistic. Hate week, for example, is a big event in

Oceania. The citizens prepare for it like Christmas. Instead of jolly

songs with family and friends over punch, Hate week is celebrated with

fists in the air while chanting about death, Goldstien, and whatever the

party wanted the citizens to disgust.

Winston hates the party and Big Brother. He hates the "pure" ones, also.

Everthing about Winston's life drives him closer and closer to a

suicidal point each day. What makes things worse, hte Party makes

Winston think that he is crazy for wanting to be free to think and for

wanting to remember. These simple things are taken for granted today.

George Orwell devilishly illustrates the brutality that man can be

capabel of when he is given such power. The people of Oceania are forced

to love Big Brother. There is possibly no one that loves Bill Clinton,

besides his family. there are several that love to makes fun of him, but

on the political mainstream love is not involved as it is in Oceania.

The setting in itself is an extremely important part of the novel.

Winston lived in a "dark, gray drab jungle." Posters of Big Brothr were

everywhere. The telescreen could see and hear asmost everything that

Winston did. However, Winston could hide from it long enough to write in

his diary even though he knew he would get caught eventually. Winston

was alienated before Julia. He didn't have much contact with other

people; he was constantly hungry both physically and emotionally.

However, it is ironic that Winston enjoys the work he does but he hates

the falsification.

1984 is a satire of the upper class. The members of the Upper class

believe that they have supeiority over the common people. They are

always wanting more than what is given to them. Very much like O'Brien

telling Winston in hte Ministry of Love that it wasn't good enough just

for him to say that 2+2=5; he had to believe it with his entire being,

to know that 2+2=5 or 3 or whatever the party said.


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