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Essay/Term paper: Absolute law

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This vast universe, which we understand so little of, is governed by a
set of rules and principles which were laid down since the dawn of
time. The universe was created by God and it is He who laid down these
rules. It is also He who created time and then created life out of
nothingness. While doing so, He also instructed us how to spend our
lives and told us what is right and what is wrong. In other words, He
told us what to do and what not to do, and we, each and everyone of us,

is bound to concur and abide by these rules. Culture and race is
irrelevant ; these laws are absolute and are meant for every
individual. One of the laws and/or rules tells us that the human body
and the soul is not our own and we have no right to harm it in any way.
We do not own them since it is not us who gave them form but it is God
who gave them to us for a finite period of time. We value this human
life and it is our natural instinct to save ourselves from any harm. It
is every man^s constant will to survive. This is a form of an absolute
law which governs our every action. It cannot be called a fabrication
of mankind because ever since the dawn of time, every human being has
fought for his/her own survival. It is ingrained into our nature to try
to protect ourselves. So it must be absolute. Theft is another aspect
of life which is governed by an absolute law. God gave us life and he
provides for each and everyone of us. He bestows us with what we
deserve ; nothing more, nothing less. And He told us that we have no
right to steal anything from anyone else because it does not belong to
us and was not meant for us. This concept, that stealing some else^s
property is bad, is also included in mankind^s nature. And therefore it
is an absolute law. Examples of thieves and robbers do not refute the
existence of the absolute law because they are just people who do not
have a strong belief in themselves. They fail to realize that they have
everything they deserve and that they should be thankful for what they
do have. They fall a prey to frustration and as a result they steal
believing that they deserve better than what they have. So, again we
can see that mankind knows that stealing is a sin and it is in every
man^s nature to abhor from it. But if the individual has a cor! rupted
nature and fails to sort out his/her confused state of mind, then
he/she might do something wrong. This also shows that the law is
absolute and is applicable to all. Another example can be that of the
search for knowledge. Every human being, starts his journey on the path
of learning from the very second that he/she is born. In fact, God
commands us in the Quran (the Holy book) to seek knowledge. Ancient
tools show us that even in the primitive stage of man^s life, he was
accumulating knowledge and was using it to try and make life easier for
himself. If we compare the past and the present, we see a huge
difference. It was considered an evil to teach some people who were
classified as part of the ^lower class^ but with greater knowledge came
greater understanding and man realized that gaining knowledge should be
a must for everyone. And so we upgraded our way of life. Man^s
curiosity has led him this far and who knows how much farther it will
take us. So we can easily distinguish the quest of knowledge as another
absolute law. So, absolute laws do exist and they are part of God^s
rules for mankind. He created us and naturally He tells us what to do
and what to abstain from. I, for one, believe in them completely and
they show me a way of life. Others may not believe in the existence of
God and may or may not believe in the existence of absolute laws. All I
can say about them is that they have yet to see the light.


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