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Essay/Term paper: Abuse of the innocent

Essay, term paper, research paper:  College Papers

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Is it right to force a mouse to live it's live in a laboratory cage

to test anti-cancer drug? How would you like to be squeezed in a cage with

many other animals, not being able to touch the grass, run around and play,

smell the flowers, or go for a walk in the warmth of the sunshine? Animal

cruelty is wrong because we are hurting the Innocent. Animals experience

and feel pain, fear , anxiety, stress, depression, boredom, joy and happiness.

Animals are very intelligent, some ever learn our own language. Most people

experience their first bond with an animal. Not only do they bring a companion

and a friend into our lives, but also unconditional love and comfort. Pet

shops and puppy mills mass produce, kennels are overcrowded and dirty,

with very little nutrition. Cats/dogs are held in metal cages and lead

miserable lives breeding continuously. Animals suffer and are neglected,

some are sold to research laboratories. A large number of animals are raised

for slaughter each year. A cow "has a natural life span of twenty-

five to thirty years, but only survives for an average of five".1

An estimated "seventeen million raccoons, beavers, bobcats, lynx,

coyotes, muskrats, nutria, and other animals are trapped each year in the

United States for fur".2 They suffer from unbearable pain for several

hours before their lives are ended by the trapper's club. Is the price

of live worth the price of fur? Psalm 104, 27-30. All creatures depend

on you to feed them throughout the year: you provide the food they eat,

with generous hands you satisfy their hunger. You turn your face away,

they suffer. You stop their breath, they die and revert to dust. You give

breath, fresh life begins, you keep renewing the world. Disections have

been practiced in biology classes for many years. Critics accuse some teachers

of killing and argue that disection teaches nothing but cruelty. Nothing

is learned by cutting up an animal that cannot be learned from photographs

or drawings. Children do not learn about the human body by killing and

disecting a person, they learn from diagrams and textbooks. Vivisection

means "cutting alive". It is a worldwide practice involving millions

of animals. Scientists say that vivisections may not necessarily be painful.

Every living being with a brain, spinal column, and central nervous system

feels pain. Animals were not created for entertainment. What do zoos really

teach children? The animals are stolen from their natural habitats and

are brutally transferred. They suffer from boredom and have natural needs

such as running, climbing, flying, and natural mating. All of the magic

and glitter of the circus hides the true animal cruelty. Several animals

are confined to small cages, muzzled, and repeatedly whipped in training.

They are declawed, have their teeth removed, and drugged to be obedient.

Military research on animals include monkeys, baboons, rats, guinea pigs,

sheep, dogs, cats, rabbits, and mice. "... when I see my closest relative

locked in a restraining box, his head filled with electrodes, and all he

has got to reach out to you is with his eyes, then how can we respond to

that if we close ours?".3 Weapons are tested on innocent animals,

nerve gas, bullets, and bombs are all used. "One sad insight is gleaned

from this statement, made by a Porton workman who lost his bearings: 'I

thought I was ill, I thought I was seeing things. It was a little monkey

enclosed In a glass cage. Its eyes seemed to be falling out and it couldn't

breathe. It was in dreadful, dreadful distress. I forgot everything and

went near it and said something to it, and it buried its head in it's arms

and sobbed like a child. I never slept that night, and the next day managed

to go back to the same room, but it was nearly finished by then. It had

sunk to a little heap at the bottom of the glass cage.'."4 Animal

cruelty is wrong, we are hurting the innocent. Cruelty of animals can be

stopped, not only do we have to open our eyes, but open our mouths as well.

Read a book, write a letter, join a group or start a group, either way,

an animal will be grateful for the chance of a happy life.


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