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Essay/Term paper: A thinker

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One of the oddest progression of life is probably when someone is growing
up. All those memories of failures which you hope could be thrown into the
garbage can like a piece of paper and all those memories of successes
which you hope could be saved on a c omputer like a piece of hard disk
turns into endless thoughts similar to that of a math problem which the
equation contains the variable infinity. I am more of a thinker than
accomplisher. Due to this problem it usually takes me longer to do my
homework t han the other kids. I remember in elementary school my fifth
grade teacher used to say, "If you think while you write everything would
be easier for you." Such as for this personal statement that I am doing
right this moment can transform into a paper of endless ideas and opinions
which consists the final point of expression of oneself. For example, in
this world the expression of a human being is critical to the survival of
one^Òs success. The way you addresses a older person; the way you
addresses your friend; the way you write on a important essay such as this
one; the way you work with someone; it all comes down to how the other
person sees you as a human being. As for this fact, people usually need to
hide their inner feelings somewhere inside the ph syce which is ironic in
the ways of expressing by unexpressing. During sometime of the17 years
that I have lived so far and maybe just a split second during those 6,205
days I would start wondering how did Christopher Columbus communicate with
the Indians
when he reached the New World where the form of expression could be
crucial to their lives. What if the Indians didn^Òt like them? Columbus
and his men would either starve to death; freeze to death; or be murdered.
Moreover, isn^Òt it ironic that the peo ple whom first reached the New
World and helped Columbus and his men to survive are now living in
concentration camps? Thinking too much sometimes can be a good thing other
than getting in the way of my work. Thinking is a tool for reasoning which
logic c omes into play in the game of life. It can be explained as simple
as in school when some childish classmate squirts water onto your favorite
T-shirt. At that moment you can choose a few options to resolve this
problem and each with its own consequences. O ption 1: you can go up to
your classmate and try to start something, probably causing eachother
severe injuries, and the next thing you know you would be sitting in the
principle's office facing suspension or expulsion. Option 2: you can sit
in your place
be calm and not bother with your immature classmate. If you ask me I
would probably choose option 2. I think anyone would choose option 2 if
they thought about it, but sometimes anger overrides your chain of
thoughts which could cause wrong decisions to be made. Thinking is useful
in solving problems as it is in entertainment. Usually great entertainers
are excellent thinkers. Telling a joke isn't as effortless as it looks
like. It takes a rapid thinker to tell a perfect joke. The time, place,
and people
are three subjects which a good sense of humor is to be developed from.
Say the equitable kind of joke to the equitable kind of people. Catch the
suitable time to say it at the suitable place which only allows you less
than half a second to think and say
it. I love to think about everything but because of this I am a greater
man than I used to be. Similar to what Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Beware
when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet. Then all things
are at risk. It is as when a conflagr ation has broken out in a great
city, and no man knows what is safe, or where it will end."


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