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Essay/Term paper: Banana ghost

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"My, my what a lot of work I have to do" said Mr. Billy Banana.
Mr. Billy Banana certainly lived up to his name. He just simply loved
bananas and ate them for every meal banana and egg sandwich for
breakfast, sausages and banana crackers for lunch, fried banana for tea and
curry chicken, banana porridge and vegetables for dinner. As he loved
bananas, he wanted to have a job to do with bananas.
"Eureka!" he cried. " I'll have a fabulous and splendid banana factory!"
"Yahoo!" he yelled, sounding just like a little kid. And so, he got his
His appearance was as nutty as his appetite. His brown hair, that
somewhat looked like banana fritters, was crispy and had a tinge of yellow
in it. He had a beard and a moustache that made him look like a walrus. His
chestnut eyes were full of laughter and fun. He was creative and that was
all what he needed in order to design new objects. He was a daring
inventor, ready to try out fun things.
Mr. Banana thus had a building that manufactured all kinds of banana
foodstuffs. He created banana sweets that tasted delicious, different kinds
of banana biscuits and best of all, he created banana sweets that when you
chewed them, they changed their colour. After he made all these delicious
foodstuffs, he sold them off to shopkeepers. Kids could be seen going to
shops everywhere and buying these lovely banana sweets. His banana sweets
were extremely famous.
Not far off, there was a ghost who loved anything to do with bananas. He
loved eating bananas and was always haunting places which had bananas.
"Ooh! They are probably finger-licking good!" he exclaimed when he heard
about Mr. Banana's foodstuffs.
"I'll go there tonight." He decided after thinking for a moment. "Only I
hope he doesn't freak out when he sees me. I actually try to be nice when
taking people's things, you know."
That night, the ghost went to Mr. Billy Banana's building. Creeping
quietly, he tiptoed to where Mr. Banana slept.
"BANG!" The ghost accidentally bashed himself onto Mr. Billy Banana's
precious machine. Mr. Billy Banana woke up and when he saw the ghost, he
yelled for help.
The ghost said, "Please don't be afraid. I just would like to have some
of your banana foodstuff."
Brave Mr. Banana said gallantly, "If you want to have some of my
foodstuff, you must promise never to steal any of my food without my
permission. You must also promise to help me when I am in need of any help
at all.
The ghost answered meekly, "Okay, but you must let me have some banana
foodstuff when I am in need of food. Is it a deal?"
Mr. Banana answered firmly with a forceful nod of his head, " It's a
From then on, Mr. Banana always had a useful helper and thus he did not
have to employ any workers. The ghost seemed very useful to him. He did not
make a nuisance of himself and proved to be a pleasant colleague. Mr.
Banana was happy and so was the ghost.



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