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Essay/Term paper: Casablanca

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1942, the year of the creation of one of the most historical
movies known to date. That movie, Casablanca, based on the
play "Everybody Wants to go to Rick's", still captivates
audiences around the world. The setting of the movie is
Casablanca, Morocco during the second world war. Casablanca is
the jump off point to get to Spain and then to America, but
refugees must obtain a fairly costly exit Visa to get onto the
plane. In the middle of all this is Rick's cafe. Rick's former
love Ilsa comes to Casablanca on her way to America and
discovers Rick to be a resident there. The love triangle
between Ilsa, her husband Laszlo, and Rick keeps the viewer in
suspense until the very last minutes of the movie. This movie
contains all the factors that a make a movie a classic. It has
great performances by a top cast, a flawless script story line
and director, and superb production techniques. In addition, it
blends a raging love story with tormenting schemes which makes
it one of ! the best Hollywood movies of all time. Casablanca
was never expected to be a large scale movie. The script was written
on a day to day basis even till the last few moments of the movie but
despite all that, it made it bigger than any other movie in it's time.

The movie took place in 1942 and was based around world war II
which in reality was taking place as they filmed. It was
because of the war that Rick and Ilsa were separated, and this
was an idea that was not so far fetched and something that the
audience could identify with. This was important because it
captivated the audience and drew them in to see if Rick and
Ilsa's undying love would ever be reunited.

There are many classical quotes that were used in Casablanca,
some of which we still hear being used today. The most famous
of course would be 'here's looking at you kid", and who could
forget, "play it again Sam", which later became a title for
another film. "This could be the beginning of a beautiful
friendship", "but we'll always have Paris", "go ahead and
shoot, you'll be doing me a favour", these are yet another
three quotes which stuck in the minds of audiences everywhere.
These quotes help keep the movie and the memories of the
actors and actresses alive even fifty seven years after the
original shooting.

Let's not forget the variety of great music the viewer is
treated to while watching this movie. The wonderful sounds are
unforgettable. Even if it may be old, it is still bound to
catch the attention of any viewer young or old. The line-up
of sounds not only features the original score by Max Steiner
but also other great's such as Perfida, It Had to Be You,
Shine, That's what Noah Done, Muse's Call, Knock On Wood, The
Very Thought of You, and of course, As Time Goes By. These
songs made the movie more intriguing and helped to keep the
movie alive all the way throughout every scene. Some of these
songs are still as popular today as they were back when they
were first heard.

There are a few not so obvious occurrences of symbolism within
the movie. It has been said that Rick (Humphry Bogart) and his
night club represent America's "neutral" position before the
attack on Pearl Harbour, and before the US involvement in the
second world war. Rick is a symbol for American isolationism,
the guy who does not get involved until the last second and
comes right into the middle of the action successfully
overcomes it. Laszlo's mention of his stay in concentration
camps which was not a symbol, but rather a fictional tragedy
that was taking place in Germany. It was brave to use mention
to this since many feared the thought.

It is no wonder that Casablanca is rated as a Classical movie.
It has all it takes to stand up to any movie of it's time or
even now. It may not have all the special effects that we are
able to produce today thanks to the involvement in technology,
but it has a story line and cast that are utterly incomparable
to any movie since or before it's time. It is quite doubtful
that any movie will ever be able to take the place of such a
great movie or to stand next to it even. There is not a boring
minute from the first five minutes into the movie.


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