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Essay/Term paper: Cheaper by the dozen

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The book Cheaper by the Dozen written by Frank B. Gilbreth, Jr. and
Ernestine Gilbreth Carey was the life story of the Gilbreth family
before Mr. Gilbreth died. Frank Gilbreth, Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth
were two of the twelve children. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbreth, both
industrial engineers, ran a firm, Gilbreth, Inc. which was employed as
"efficiency experts" by major industrial plants in the United States,
Britain, and Germany.

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbreth had twelve children, six girls and six boys.
The names of the children are Anne, Ernestine, Frank, Bill, Lillian,
Martha, Jack, Jane, Fred, Mart, Bob, and Dan. The older children's
job is to take care of the youngest and the mother took care of the
intermediate children and babies.

Nothing was consider more a sin than wasting time, that is why
the father, Frank, times himself trying to go as fast as he can
with almost everything. He timed himself buttoning his shirt
to see which way is faster, top-bottom or bottom-top. He timed
himself shaving to see which way took longer, using two brushes
to apply the shaving cream of one. He found that two were
faster. Frank, the father also experiment on which ways was
faster, using two razors of one. He found that one was faster,
because with two he cut himself so many times it took him twice
as much time to cover the cuts up.

The book talked about how smart Frank, the Father was. He
painted mores code on the walls of their summerhouse to teach
it to his children. When the children decoded the message
written on the wall, it revealed a clue that tells the child
who decoded it where a prize was hidden. He painted also all
of the planets and stars you can see in the sky on the walls of
their summerhouse to teach his kids astrology.

A neat power that the father, Frank, had was that as soon as he
look at a person he would know their nationality. When ever
the family would go somewhere were you would have to pay by the
person, such as a toll bridge, Frank, the father, would take
one look at the person and know that their nationality was
Irish. The father, Frank, would say, "do my Irishmen come
cheaper by the dozen?" The owner would probably say,
"Irishmen? If you are Irish, you should not pay a toll on my
road. Your trip is on the house."

At the end of the book the father, Frank is called for work in
Germany. He decided to walk to the train station, which is
only a few blocks away from their house. When he arrived at
the train station he called Lillie, the mother and told her
that he was fine, but before he hung up she heard him fall to
the ground. The mother told all of her neighbors to go look
for all of the children who were out playing. Frank, the boy,
thought that one of the girls was hit by a car. When the
children finally arrived home they saw the second youngest
child, Jack, sit on the front step saying, "Daddy's dead."


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