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Essay/Term paper: College

Essay, term paper, research paper:  College Papers

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I am studying at the college of Staten Island for an undergraduate computer
science degree. Combined with my microcomputer applications diploma from St.
Catherine's Business College in Ontario, this will qualify me for work in the
business world. I am skilled in computer applications, programming, hardware
configuring, connection, repair, and training non-computer personnel.

I graduated from St. Catherine's in 1996, but did not seek work. Instead, I
got married, settled with my husband in New York, and began to extend my
education. I came to CSI hoping to learn more sophisticated programming and
hardware design in order to expand my knowledge of commercial software
application that I learned in Business College. I feel that with this
knowledge, I would be better prepared to obtain the type of employment I would
be seeking in the future.

After graduation, I want to find employment at a small, dynamic company that
is just setting up its computer system, or redesigning or reconfiguring its
system. At a large company, I believe, I would find myself part of a large
computer staff, doing the same few things over and over. On the business
scale, in a large company, one works on the computer aspects of a small corner
of that company, and it is hard to get a sense of the business purposes of
one's work. I may be quite unhappy in a small corner of a large company,
sitting in front of a screen all day entering codes and setting up scripts,
and interacting with very few people. I would probably not stay in such a job
very long.

At a small company, on the other hand, one ends up doing a little bit of
everything. One learns not only about the computer aspects of the company, but
even about its business operations. Insofar as I would someday like to go into
computer consulting, or even some sort of entrepreneurship of my own, such
small business experience is much more valuable, I believe.

It would be especially nice if it was a small company that was using computers
in a creative way. A small graphics design, advertising, or architectural firm
would have fascinating, cutting edge uses of computers in visual design. For
example, an architectural firm would use computers to design buildings,
colleges and houses. An advertising agency would use this technology to
design their newspaper advertisements and television commercials.

The ideal thing for me in such a company would be to start out as an assistant
to the person in charge of all the information technology, and eventually,
after sufficient experience, to assume a managerial position, there or
elsewhere. I think I could learn much in such a setting, since computer
knowledge in the abstract is not as useful as actual hands on experience,
applying computers to solve problems. I would also very much enjoy helping the
non-computer people learn to use their equipment, and maximize their
efficiency. Finding such a position depends of course, on how well I have
developed my computer skills, and on the job situation in my field when I

Computer technology and software is advancing so fast that future capabilities
are simply hard to imagine. For instance, there might come a time when people
have to gracefully step aside and robots would take over. It is a pleasure
using such technology, and it is exciting to anticipate future developments.
It is a field in which one cannot sit on one's laurels, but must continue to
train and keep up with new developments. This is done through additional
courses and degrees, technical literature and magazines, and attending shows
that display the latest developments. It is by nature an exciting field that
keeps one's mind sharp.


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