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Essay/Term paper: Computer hobby

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A Hobby That I Enjoy My favorite past time is
to spend time at the computer, even at a tender age I like computer
systems. To having a computer was a dream, an almost impossible dream. I
had a friend named George at that time, we were in the same school, same
grade and we had a very good relationship. At that time he had a computer
system and we spend our free time playing games, printing greeting cards,
banners, we also did our school home work. It was very nice and playful
even then I yearned to own my own computer, so I could spend more time
learning how to use the computer. But I liked to have my own computer so I
can do my own printings and spend more time learning how to use the
computer. One day my parents went for a trip without me because I was in
school at that time; so I stay with my grandmother for about five days
until my parents got back from their trip. When my folks return home they
arrived with a big box with no labels or printings on the outside of the
box. My parents always knew that I wanted a computer. I didn't know what
was inside of the big brown box until the next day when I saw the computer
on my homework table. It was the best day of my life, for that day my
dream became reality. It was use but in good shape conditions and working.
Now my favorite hobby is computers systems and instead of having a use
computer, I have the latest computer and I like to spend a lot time making
graphics programs, configuring systems in my new Pentium II 450mhz
processor, and playing with my small network system that I have at home. I
also like to alter pictures for example take one girl face out and put in
another girl or man face that no one would tell that particular picture
was altered. I like to write my essays on my computer because I have more
fun, my mind is more relaxed and I thing better as oppose to writing with
pen. At least it works for me. I'm gland my parents bought me the use
computer then because now I know how to use it very well and it will be
inside of me for the rest of my life which will help me a lot in the
future. Who knows what would have happen if I didn't get the use computer
when I was fourteen years old.
Computers is more than a hobby considering my work and major are Data
Processing. Working for Kingsborough Community College in Academic
Computing Department as a supervisor for evening classes. My job consists
of taking care of the computer labs during the night and sees if all the
classes are where they are suppose to be. For example, at night we have
two Departments that use the computer facilities; one is Academic
Computing Department, which has more rights and privileges to use the
computer labs then Coutinuing Education Department. This Department
sometimes gives me a hard time because they want to use the rooms, which
are assigned to Academic Department. Also I have to check on my staff who
works in the labs as a student Aids. Their work consists of helping
students with software and hardware problems only; they not suppose to
help students do their homework at all. However if they desire to do so
they could.
I am gland that I have chosen computers because I think the next
millennium will be based on computers. I believe that in the future
computers will became a part of everyday life, in schools, jobs, and even
in leisure activities. In order to complete or stay abreast with peers
computer knowledge will be mandatory. The explosive growth of PCs,
workstations, LANs, WANs, fiber optics, wireless communications, and
software may be completing the new office. This means that computers are
at the vanguard of an economic revolution, and it will have dramatic great
economic effects by 2003 because of the rapid computerization.
One day I was watching a television program about the high increase of
computers in the last few years and they said that for the year 2001 every
one in the word will have at least one use computer per family. For me
having a hobby is very important it is not only interesting but it opens
doors now and in the future. My hobby has lead to a promising career in a
fast growing, high demanding and very rewarding field.


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