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Essay/Term paper: Frank lloyd wright

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Frank Lloyd Wright was an architect who was a pioneer in modern style,
and he is considered one of the greatest figures in architecture in the

In Richland Center, Wisconsin on June 8, 1867 Wright was born.
17 years latter at the University of Wisconsin his interest in
architecture had already shown itself. He enrolled in civil
engineering because the university didn^t offer any classes for
his chosen field. He gained some practical experience by

working on a construction project for the university part
time. He left school and went to work for the firm of Adler
and Sullivan in 1887. Louis Sullivan from the firm had a
profound in Wright work. He left the firm and went to make his
own office in Chicago in 1893.

Organic architecture was a philosophy created by Wright. It
means that a building should be developed out of it^s natural
surroundings. Originality was shown in his designs for public
and private structures. The ornate neoclassic and Victorian
styles favored by conventional architects was the kind of thing
Wright rebelled against. Wright was opposed to the mechanical
imposition of preconceived styles. The particular function of
the building, it^s environment, and the type of materials
employed in the structure should be the things that ultimately
determined the architechtual form is what Wright believed in.
One of the many fundamental contributions was the use of
building materials for their natural colors s well as
structural characteristics. With the open planning of one room
flowing into another his interiors emphasize the sense of

Precast concrete blocks reinforced with steel rods was one of
the many new techniques Wright initiated. Air conditioning,
indirect lighting, and panel heating were a few of the numerous
innovations Wright invented. One of Wright big feats was to
make the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. The building was made to
withstand earthquakes. One year after being completed it
suffered no damage from a disastrous earthquake.

Architects who were more conventional then Wright were against
his different ways all thorough out his career. He went into
exile for a year in Europe because of personal difficulties and
professional antagonisms. Upon his return he began a new
career of ever widing-achivments. Some of his later works are
the Millard House; the Kaufmann House; called Falling Water;
The Johnson Wax Company Administration Building; the First
Unitarian Church; the V.C. Morris gift shop; and the Price
Tower. Some of Wright^s other interests were writing,
lecturing, and teaching. He originated most of the principles
that are today the fundamental concepts of modern architecture
by 1908. At his winter home in Scottsdale, Arizona, Taliesin
West(begun in 1938), Wright established a studio-workshop for
apprentices who assisted him on his projects. He also founded
the Taliesin Fellowship to support such efforts. Some of
Wrights writings include An Autobiography (1932; revised ed.
1943), An Organi!

c Architecture (1939), Genius and the Mobocracy (1949), and Natural
House (1954). On April 9, 1959 in Phoenix, Arizona Frank Llyod Wright


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