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Essay/Term paper: Fraternization

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To many people's opinion of gestures of affection are morally correct
and should be displayed anywhere one wants. Today's society has made any
form of publicly displaying affection out to be the unpardonable sin.
But why? Why should we have to hide the fact that we like someone from
our piers? If you choose to, that is one thing, but being force to hide
the fact that you like someone is, I think, an injustice to our right to
the pursuit of happiness.
I don't think that on the final of creation, when God made Eve for
Adam, God said, "Now Adam don't touch." I just can't picture a God of
love, which is love, saying that. I think that God may have even
encouraged it a little, if He needed to.
Publicly displaying affection is good for the person receiving the
affection because they then know that there is someone in this world of
six billion people that cares for them personally. Today's teachers have
been told not to even touch a student because the school might get sued
for sexual harassment. And, because of that we, the students enrolled in
the school, can't show our affection to each other. I mean just think
about it, if a student is going to harass someone they are going to do
it, but if they are just showing affection their is no reason for
alarm. I mean if you think about it, we wouldn't touch each other if we
didn't want to. So, all public displays of affection at school would be
consentual, therefore it's not sexual harassment.
Not only is it good for the person receiving the PDA, but the person
giving it is showing the emotions and stresses of the day in the way of
affection. It takes your mind off of the troubles of the day by giving u
a moment when your heart no longer beats irregularly, but because of
that simple, calm, morally correct act of showing affection for someone
else you are now filled with an inner peace. Not a peace where you can't
do anything, but a peace were nothing in the world can bother you.
Except when a person of supposed "higher authority" comes and says that
in a way, a small way, holding hands in the so-called place of learning
is incorrect.
Today's society has altered the thinking of people. Because of the
numerous sex offenders in the world, we can't show are affection without
someone thinking how much money the person receiving the affection is
going to sue for. Hand holding has been made out to be sex.
Especially adolescent guys because of the stereotype, all teenage guys
have a one-track mind, all a guy wants is to have sex. But, as I stated
before it is a stereotype , it is not completely true. It is like a
death sentence based on circumstantial evidence. Which, in essence is
true, because studies show that touch does increase your life span. This
is usually thought of, because yes men are sometimes immoral, and yes
they do bad things sometimes, but that brings us back to the scenario of
Romeo and Juliet.
So, what is wrong with publicly displaying affection? With the
exception of a very few perverted guys, there is no legitimate reason
for stopping public displays of affection. So, now the only question is
what are you personally going to do about it? I say that today's society
needs to wake up and look at the world around them and not just their
computer screens.


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