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Essay/Term paper: From roswell to dreamland

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Are we alone in the universe? This has been a common question in modern
day. It is very difficult to prove that extraterrestrials exist. However,
the evidence to prove that the earth has been visited is very convincing.
The Roswell incident in 1947 is one event that proves the existence of
extraterrestrials. Another piece of important evidence that proves the
existence of UFO's is Bob Lazars testimony of his experience working in the
US secret base at Area 51. The earth has been visited by intelligent life
because of the witnesses and evidence behind the story of Roswell and Area
On July 2nd, 1947, Jim Ragsdale was camping on a three day weekend when he
saw an object "as bright as a welding torch" pass through the sky and
strike the ground a few miles away. Corporal E.L Pyles saw the same thing
from a military compound just outside of town. Shortly after, William
Brazel found strange pieces of wreckage on his massive ranch 75 miles
outside of Roswell. The newspapers were already running the story Jim
Ragsdale and Corporal Pyles told of the bright light in the sky, so William
knew that he had found wreckage of a "flying saucer." On July 6th, he
drove to Roswell with some of the debris and he showed it to the Chaves
County Sheriff, George Wilcox. After examining the debris, Sheriff Wilcox
contacted Major Jesse Marcel at The Roswell Army Air Field. Marcel and is
commanding officer Colonel William Blanchard both inspected the debris.
They both agreed that it was nothing like they had seen before, and went to
the ranch to collect more of the debris. On July 8th, Marcell and
Blanchard returned with two carloads of debris. The wreckage was then
flown to Fort Worth Army Air Field. At noon on July 8th 1947, Blanchard
ordered a press release telling the country that the army had found remains
of a crashed flying saucer.
Only a few hours later, General Clemence McMullen in Washington spoke by
telephone with Colonel Thomas Dubose in Fort Worth, and told him to
"squash" the saucer story, create a cover story, and immediately send some
of the debris to Washington. Later that evening, a press conference was
held in which they announced that what had crashed was a weather balloon
and not a flying saucer. All of the debris, including one very large piece
that appeared to still be operable, was collected and never seen again.
Why did the army stay involved and make sure there were no remains of the
debris? The only logical explanation is that what crashed in Roswell, New
Mexico was indeed a flying saucer.
Area 51 is a fifteen square mile restricted government area in Nevada.
Until recently the U.S. government has denied that a military base even
existed within the boundaries of Area 51. The government now admits that
Area 51 is a place where the stealth fighter and other new aircraft were
developed. What does this have to do with alien visits? In April, 1989,
an engineer named Bob Lazar went public on KLAS, a Las Vegas television
station, claiming to have worked on a UFO engineering project at Area S4, a
division of Area 51. He stated that the craft he has worked on was not
only hundreds of years more advanced than us, but also built for a being
much smaller than the average human. Lazar has provided employment records
that showed he worked for the Department of Naval Intelligence during the
period he said he worked in Area S4. In many interviews, Lazar has shown
he has a solid background in physics, electrical engineering, and
propulsion systems. He is also able to provide a great amount of detail
about the alien craft, the base he worked at, and his co-workers. In every
interview the details have stayed consistent. This shows that Bob lazar is
a very credible person.
Newspapers and other media from as far away as Japan have recorded many
UFO sitings over Area 51. The tapes show crafts moving in ways that our
most advanced military planes can not. There have been so many UFO sitings
in that area that the Governor of Nevada renamed a highway that runs near
Area 51 the "Extraterrestrial highway." The military is using technology
from the spacecraft they recovered at Roswell to design new, more
maneuverable and faster crafts.
The earth has be visited by intelligent life from other planets. There
are eye-witnesses throughout the whole story of Roswell. It is obvious
that there was a crash where unfamiliar debris was recovered. Bob Lazar
has told his story of actually seeing and working on an alien spacecraft.
He has demonstrated his credibility every time he was interviewed. There
are now more UFO sitings over Area 51 than anywhere else. The world is,
whether we believe it or not, taking a ride on the extraterrestrial


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