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Essay/Term paper: Hamlet diary

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Act 1:

1st Entry;
I am still in morn. My father's death came as to a
shock to me. He was a great man who led and served his
country well. He died of means, which are unknown,
which leaves me curious on the manner. As I am soaked
from head to toe in these inky-covered clothes, I sit
and contemplate. It has been one month since and my
father's brother; Claudius is to be wedded with my
mother. Is it possible that my mother is finished
grieving? I know that there is no time put on such a
feeling, but one month! Can be true. Father was a good
King; loyal, trusting and good at heart. Does my
mother realize? Has she, herself been shocked with the
tragedy that our family has encountered? And what is
this about Claudius? I mean, his Brother! One month and
these two are ready for the incest within marriage.
Claudius is acting with haste. I do understand the
position on which now lies upon him, but what I don't
understand is how could they be already in love so soon
after my very fathers death?!
I shall keep my eyes open, as I keep these clouds above my head. 2nd
My fathers back from the dead! Could it be true? Does my father
lie in purgatory? Why does he lay unrest? Does Horatio speak
the truth? He is such the scholar, but does his eyes deceive
him? I shall go and look for my self! 3rd Entry;
It is true! My father has chosen to show to warn me about the
unfaithful deeds. MURDERED! Claudius, that swine. Plague upon
him. With his murderous intentions, he shall feel the rage,
which my father unleashes upon him. Is my mother blind to
these intentions? To these actions? Is it true, that my mother
and Claudius had adulterous relations before my father's death?
I am now mad, for that will be the explanation which people
will say in my defense. I will play insane, for people will
expect such intentions of my revenge. My father's murder has
now brought me to an unconscious state. When I seek revenge,
it is merle just an act out of my madness. I must reveal his
sinister-like actions. Revenge has to be wisely thought out. I
will reveal Claudius, and kill him at the right time. I swear
on my father's grave, I shall heed my father's commands.

4th Entry;
Most foul, strange and unnatural. Claudius kills, for the crown
and the wife's hand of my father. He shall pay dearly with his
life. My revenge is going to be sweet sorrow, for when I slay
Claudius, the country will know of these intentions which he

Act 2:

1st Entry;
I displayed an act of madness to Ophelia. Hopefully, she will
tell this to her father which will then tell the King, that I
have gone mad. 2nd Entry;
I met with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. They were acting
quite different. I hope that I could trust these fellow
companions. I greeted the players, which will be acting in the
play, which I have written. "The Murder of Gonzago". This
play reveals what might have happened on the night of the
murder. Cleverly put together, I have shown Claudius'
intentions in the murder. While this play takes place, I shall
wait for a moment of weakness, for then I could strike. I will
test Claudius' guilt, in the re-enacted murder. 3rd Entry;
Again, hurt Ophelia. I insulted her and all women in that
manner. Who cares? They all ask for it! I think that Ophelia
is very offended, and I know that is not how to treat one who I
contradictory have feelings for. Soon it will all be over and

that is when I shall act to the sane persons mind. 4th Entry;
I have now captured the conscience of the King. Horatio and I
are now convinced of Claudius' guilt. The King is very angry,
which I seem to be blind on, due to my madness. 5th Entry;
I saw that he was praying to god, confessing his sins, hoping
to be cleansed of his guilty intentions. I could have killed
thee, but then that would serve no purpose. I want him to go
to hell where he belongs. Only if I then killed him at
confession, which would be killing in the face of God. Then
that would send him to heaven, which will then defeat the
purpose. I will wait for when he is in a drunken state, for
then he is at his weakness.

6th Entry;
Poor Polonius. Only is if I had though ahead. I should not
have been blind. I acted before thinking. I am forever sorry,
but he was a rat. A no-good spy of Claudius'. Eavesdropping
in conversation. I say sorry, but that is now not good.
Actions have already been carried out. That was not meant to
be him, but just Claudius was all who I looked for. Fate must
have brought him to this. I will now be in trouble, looks as
though I will be off. 7th Entry;
I have convinced my mother of my false insanity. Following her
immorality in marrying Claudius. She promises to lie to
Claudius about my mad intentions.

Act 4:

1st Entry;
I had to go into interrogation about Polonius' corpse. It was
hidden', and I sent them all on a chase looking for it. I
might as well have some fun with them. Then, I had to tell
them where Polonius laid. If Claudius did not believe me then
he could go and look for himself. 2nd Entry;
Well, I am off to England! I have always wanted to see
England. 3rd Entry;
Fortenbras moved me. He is a good man. Strong at heart. For
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, well I have a little something
for them. 4th Entry;
I wrote a letter to Horatio, explaining my escape from
England. I have escaped from England, by switching the initial
letter for one of my own letting me off the hook. God rest
Rosencrantz and guildensterns' soul for the are about to take
my penalty of murder. 5th Entry;
I return to Denmark for a surprise visit. 6th Entry;
I met two grave diggers preparing a grave. I saw an old skull
obviously from a previously dug grave, who in no other then
Yorick, a court jester. He entertained me as a kid, and I
couldn't quite help but seeing this and thinking that this
could be where I am headed. He was a man like I; witty,
strong, and lost in thought. Could this be a sign of fate
revealing my future?

7th Entry;
As I was poking around in Yoricks' grave thinking, I saw a
funeral headed towards me and this is where I learn that my
dear Ophelia has died. I am shocked. Could I have been the one
who brought this upon Ophelia? Of coarse it was I. I mean, I
murdered her father; like how Claudius murdered my own. I am
guilt stricken. This on top of everything else is just driving
me to insanity. It is too much. I cared deeply for her, and
the only way I could repay her is by this! An eternal sleep.
8th Entry;
I have been chosen to have a dueling match with Laertes. He
wants revenge as so do I. He will get his match, and this is
where I shall strike in revenge of my father. Tis a better
time then never. I will reveal Claudius, and stick him with my
own dagger. Then this catastrophe shall all be over. I will
not rest until my revenge is fulfilled. Until my next


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