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Essay/Term paper: Henry ford

Essay, term paper, research paper:  College Papers

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A. Historical Narrative

1.Henry Ford, by far the universe^s most renowned industry man,
held a strong grip on American business. The Model t, which
was his crown creation and the mass production method he used
to produce it, changed the face of the current times and became
a temper of the times because it was catchy. He had a blue
collar appeal to the majority of Americans, who were just that
blue collar, because he succeeded on his own merits. Even with
the great wealth he accumulated, he still maintained the
support of the common folk.

2. In Helbroner & Singer, Mr. Ford
is discussed a great deal in chapter 10 Workers and Work. It
is fitting that he be discussed in that chapter, due to the
hard workers mentality he maintained and his actions concerning
his position on the prices of his cars to fit the wages of his
workers. H&S describes one of his greatest contributions as
being the creation of the assembly line. This creation as H&S
says, ^ deliberately speeded up the pace of work as machinery
determined the pace of labor^. It also says, ^ the character
of work was changed.^

B. Historical Interpretation

1. The author gives a somewhat normal account of Mr. Ford^s life, by
normal I mean similar to other information probably heard in
description of his life. What is amusing is chapter 7, which is,
entitled Genius Ignoramus. This chapter gives information on some of
Mr. Ford^s not-so bright ideas such as; the naval submarine he sought
to build, and the three motors each day, and his political aspirations
that most people do not know about. All these ventures failed for one
reason or another, but did not take away from his overall genius in

2. In chapter 30; Henry Ford: Legend and Legacy the author places Ford
on that industrialist pedestal that he belongs on. He concludes that
his legacy will go on in the continued production of cars in the mass
method, as well as the old car and special interest auto clubs and
publications. The author also concludes that if he had died before
1914, after he set sweeping changes in motion he would be even more of
an immortal.

C. Historical Method

1. The author utilizes several sources such as:

N.S.B. Gras, ^ÓShifts in Public Relations,^Ô Bulletin of the Business Historical Society 19 (Oct. 1945)
Eric Goldman, Two-Way Street: The Emergence of Public Relations Counsel (Boston: Bellman Publishing Company, Inc. 1948)
Seltzer, Automobile Industry, pp3, 91; Keith Sward, The Legend of Henry Ford(New York: Reinhart & Company, Inc., 1948, p. 14.

Reliability of sources

The sources used are all properly documented and seem at glance to be
viable. He used all credible business journals, as well as earlier
publications on Henry Ford to comprise this marvelous account of Henry
Ford^s life.

History 3330 Business History
Dr. Brad Rice
Book Analysis


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