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Almost every day of my life I am bombarded with concepts that are
sometimes so incredible, my jaw drops and I am left in dazed
wonderment. Sometimes the things I learn are so "out there" that I ask
myself "why?" Three things that I always felt were inexplicable was the
rise of the neo-Nazi party in Germany. The "I'm the victim" mentality
of incarcerated inmates. And finally, why many people won't accept
responsibility for their actions.
Firstly, one of the worst things that ever happened to Germany was
the rise of the Nazi political party. The Nazi's brought out the worst
of humanities aspects in a culture that is normally very friendly and
open. So why are the new Nazi's being allowed to rise in the political
structure? Haven't the German people learned from the past? In today's
world, no culture can subscribe to isolationism; also, it's been shown
that all cultures have something to offer, that there are bright,
articulate people in every part of the world.
Secondly, I have found that most of the inmates I've encountered
are victims, at least in their own minds. The usual excuses are "It's
not my fault I had to steal, I didn't have any job skills" and "everyone
is against me." It is never the individual's fault that he or she was
involved some kind of criminal activity. If the so-called "victims of
the state" acted in a sensible manner and as adults, they never would
have been incarcerated. The simple truth is, if one acts in a
delinquent manner, no matter of social standing, one will be treated
Finally, the most incomprehensible idea I've encountered is that
many people won't accept responsibility for their actions; it is always
someone's fault, but never one's own. The plain fact is, if I want to
be regarded as a mature adult, I must take the punishment for anything I
might do. But in the world today, it seems that putting the blame on
someone else is a regular past-time. "He makes me crazy!" "She pushed
me over the edge." "If only she had stopped, I never would have done
that." Since when have others controlled the way a person acts in such
ways as those listed? Instead people should say "I let him get me
upset." "I allowed my temper get away from me." And "I granted her
the power to control me." Outside influences will create situations
that I may not be able to control, but I will accept the responsibility
for the actions I perform. That is what being an adult is about.
There will always be influences in my life that will stupify me.
The important thing is that even if I can't control what is going on
with those events, I can control how I act, for I am the "master of my
ship." Whoever can't, might as well never leave his or her home.

Steve Nix

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