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Essay/Term paper: Joy of cooking

Essay, term paper, research paper:  College Papers

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A creative interest I have is cooking with pastries, seafood and poultry.
Preparing food can be fun. All I need is just a little imagination and
time. Pastries are dessert that are severed for special occasions and
after a meal. Pastries are special due to the fact each one tastes and
looks different. The creative format comes from the chef. Since I am the
one who cooks in my house, I must prepare each dish tasteful and

For example, I was thinking of a creative cake for my daughters&rsquo
birthday. I decide to make her a choo choo train cake. The way I want to
present this dish is by making it look like a toy train with zoo animals
standing near by. The idea of this dish is to make the train look similar
to the candy house in the story, "Hansel and Gretel". The first step was
to add food coloring to the icing. She was excited. "Mommy, can I mix the
colors?" Next, I decorated the cake board with grated coconut. I add
green food coloring to the grated coconut. Jessica said, " Mommy, that
looks like grass." Then, I decorated the carts of the train with
different color icing. For example, I placed green, blue, and red icing
on each of the carts. When I finished decorating the carts, I placed them
on the black licorice train tracks. When I was finished with placing the
carts on the track, Jessica and I arranged assorted candy all over the
train. Another creative idea I had was to cook with the children in after
school care at William Lehman Elementary. For example, I had decided to
make an orange shake with them to celebrate Halloween. The first step I
created, was to add orange sherbet ice cream. Next, I add cream soda to
the float. When I was finished the shake, I placed one chocolate chip
cookie inside of the float.

Cooking creativy with seafood is another outstanding process. When
cooking shrimp, I must prepare each shrimp to the procedure I want. For
example, when preparing Chinese Fried Rice, I cook every item separately.
For instance, this dish requires shrimp. This dish I peel each shrimp.
Then I season the shrimp with soy sauce. Then, I stir fry them. When I
cook this dish, I add everything in a bowl. Once the Chinese rice is
cooked, I prepare the platter. For instance, I chop up green onions and
place them around the Chinese Rice. Then I slice thin piece of oranges
and locate then around the green onion. The shrimps in this platter are
tricky to cook. For example, you must have a spatula in one hand. While
you are stirring the shrimps, you must move the pan back and forth with
the other hand. I do this so the shrimps do not stick to the pan. The
specialty in grilled dolphin is the way I present the dish. When I finish
preparing the dolphin, I place the fish on platter with yellow rice and
raw green peppers. Then I get two raw mushrooms and cut them into
quarters. Then, I place them on all sides of the yellow rice. Finally, I
place thin slices of lemon around the edge of the plate.

A creative way I present the poultry is by cooking and preparing each
dish differently. For example, tonight I am preparing sweet and sour
chicken on a stick. When I prepare this dish, I get the chicken and cut
it into one inch squares. Then I place the chicken on a stick. Between
each piece of chicken, I place a pineapple square, green pepper, and a
cherry tomato. When I place the white rice in the center of the plate,
then I put two chicken sticks on top of the rice. Once the meal is
cooked, I add my creativeness. I get sweet an sour sauce and pour in a
slow zig zag motion all over the platter. Another way I prepare this dish
is by mixing all the ingredients together. Then I place it in the middle
of the plate. After placing the poultry in the middle of the plate, I
settle the white rice around the meal.


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