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Essay/Term paper: Julius caesar analysis

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Aristotle was perhaps the pioneer of modern day dramas, more
specifically dramatic tragedies. He first defined what a
tragedy is: A drama which contained hubris, pathos and/or
bathos, and the most valued element in a tragedy, a tragic
hero. This was usually the main character who is noble in his
deeds, yet has one flaw which causes him to fall. The tragic
works of Shakespeare were no exception. In the drama, Julius
Caesar the reader can clearly see many of the principles of a
tragedy. That is all except for the tragic hero. Ideas as to
who is the tragic hero range from Cassius to Julius Caesar
himself. The trouble is all characters have material to prove
and disprove them. However the hypothesis that Marcus Brutus is
the tragic hero is incorrect. One element to a tragic hero is
the hero has only one tragic flaw, and Brutus clearly has more
than one flaw in his character. The first flaws in Brutus
character is his naivete and the assumptions he makes about
other characters. Through out the entire story these two flaws
are reflected in many of his decisions and actions. A specific
example is his view on the Roman populace. Thinking all Romans
are honorable and noble it is not only incorrect, but it
plagues him until the very end of the play. One instance
occurred as the conspirators were meeting. Brutus stated, Lets
kill him boldly, but not wrathfully...... This shall make our
purpose necessary and not envious.... (Shakespeare, Julius
Caesar, 2.1. 172 & 177-178). He honestly believed that all
involved were going to kill Caesar for honorable reasons. Not
once did he question the motives of everyone, where, in reality
Brutus probably was the only involved for noble reasons. Brutus
undoubtedly convinces the reader of his own naivete when he
states, ... let us bathe our hands in Caesars blood... Lets
all cry ^Peace, freedom, and liberty!! (3.1. 106 & 110) Just
by his enthusiasm, Brutus is not aware of any other motives. He simply
believes that , Peace, freedom, and liberty are the only motives.
Another example was during his speech at Caesars funeral. ... not
that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more (3.2. 18-20).
Addressing the nobility of his actions and his love for Rome, Brutus
surmises that the people understand him because of their equal love
for their country. This assumption is evident because he uses it as
the sole reason for killing Caesar. A reason that Brutus believes the
people agree with, otherwise he would not use it to rationalize such a
crime. Lastly that same lack of insight is seen in when Brutus
declares, ... I have done no more to Caesar than you shall do to
Brutus (3.2. 28-29) Paraphrased he says that the people would do the
same to him if he became ambitious, as he did to Caesar for becoming
ambitious. Yet the people hardly understand him. One citizen proves
that! when he states, Caesars better parts Shall be crowned in
Brutus (3.2 39-40). The citizen completely misses the point Brutus is
trying to make, and blurts out a random, ignorant comment. Throughout
all the naive decisions and assumptions Brutus still has another
downfall. A flaw that is closely related, but still different.
The second flaw seen in Brutus is his one sided perception of
many things. His perceptions of attitudes, values, beliefs, and
more. This can be seen during his funeral speech. Focusing only
on the political aspects of the assassination, he not once
stops to consider that Caesar was more than a representation of
the future Rome, but a person too. I slew my best lover for
the good of Rome ( 3.2. 33-34) says Brutus. He dose not once
grieve for Caesar, or show remorse for Caesar. He innocently
addresses only one side of the situation. This incorrect
perception is then used against him n Cassius speech. Cassius
makes it plain to the audience that Brutus did not view Caesar
as a person, and therefore convincing the crowd against Brutus.
A second example of Brutus poor perception was after the
assassination. As Rome's situation turned into civil war Brutus
still speaks of honor and nobility. ... Did not great Julius
bleed for justice sake? ( 4.3. 19) , ... I am armed so str!
ong in honesty(4.3. 67), our legions are brimful, our cause is ripe
(4.3. 214). On and on he goes focused on what he still deems important.
Once again Brutus perception is incorrect and reality is much
different. Not many still value honestly, and most know that at those
times, it would not help you move ahead. Rome begins to fall, and what
hopes of saving it do not center around the honorable and noble point
of view Brutus clings on to. Yet it is his flaw that he is ignorant of
such things. One flaw, that are many within Brutus.
Brutus has two, maybe three, distinct flaws in his character,
and many downfalls. Brutus first is naive, and assumes to much
about the people of Rome. He does listen to them, but what he
hears is either misinterpreted, or it is set aside because it
does not agree with his preconceived notions of what the
populace should be saying. All of this makes it very clear that
Brutus is not the tragic hero. Who then is the hero? As stated
before, there is concrete evidence proving and disproving many
other characters. But then is Julius Caesar truly a tragedy?
Does not a tragedy have a clear tragic hero? Nobody will ever
know. But whether Julius Caesar is a tragedy as most believe,
or a historical account as others believe, it is a beautiful
work of art. Literature at its very best, something that will
never be forgotten.

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