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Essay/Term paper: Marlyn manson

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When someone mentions the name Brian Warner you will probably not
realize who they are talking about, but if they say the name Marilyn
Manson one word may come into your mind, the devil incarnate. Brian
Warner or a.k.a. Marilyn Manson is one of the most influential people in
American music. Most people view him as a satanic follower or maybe
even a satanic leader. Others may view him as a sick perverted freak
only guided by his addiction to numerous drugs. But if you ask the
people who really know they will tell you that he is a genius who"s
music is made to encourage people to question the existence of God and
believe in themselves. With lyrics like "When you get to Heaven you
will wish you"re in Hell." from the song Wormboy off his latest CD
Antichrist superstar it is not hard for people to try to reject him.
Manson grew up in a stable house hold and even went to a strict catholic
school. In an interview with Neil Strauss in Rolling Stone
magazine Manson said "I was never afraid what was under the bed. I
wanted it and I never got it. I just became it." He always questioned
everything as a child and his parents really don"t even mind it. His
mom for one isn"t really to pleased by the way he acts in public but his
dad, on the other hand, is thrilled by the way he gets his listeners to
think for themselves. He is maybe the only gray-haired man with a black
Marilyn Manson T-shirt on.
Many listeners are young "Goth"s" all decked out in black clothing and
pale-skin who, like Manson, only believe in themselves. The band itself
consists of five members: Marilyn Manson, Twiggy Ramirez, Ginger Fish,
Madonna Wayne Gacy, and Zim Zum. The band members developed their name
by taking the first name of a super-model and the last name of a serial
killer. When the band first started they were called Marilyn Manson &
The Spooky Kids, until they were discovered by Trent Reznor the
industrial music creator of the hit band Nine Inch Nails. He saw a
great talent in Manson and decided to give him a chance. With Reznor"s
help Manson has become what we all know him today. The band hence-forth
has created three full length CD"s: Portrait of an American Family,
Smells Like Children, and Antichrist Superstar. Four CD single"s: Get
your gun, Sweet dreams, Tourniquet, and The beautiful people. And is
on the soundtrack"s of: Lost Highway and Howard Stern"s Private Parts.
Many rumors have been spread about Manson, mostly made-up on the
internet to make sure everyone has heard them, such as how he was
supposed to commit suicide Halloween of '96, to how he died from a drug
over dose in Phoenix as well as he played Paul on the Wonder Years and a
part as a child actor in Mr. Belvedere. But Manson denies all of these.
The only rumor which he claims true is the one about how he likes to go
on an acid trip in Disney Land. He say"s that he likes to do this to
regain terror in a world where every thing is larger than life.
When summed up you may think of Manson as freak just like everyone
else, but once you know the true facts, maybe you to will realize what
kind of person Brian Warner really is behind the mask of Marilyn Manson.

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