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Essay/Term paper: Sun also rises2

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In the novel The Sun Also Rises, by Ernest Hemingway, a reader is
forced to decide weather the spite that the Jake has for Chon
originates from Jake¹s racist background, or his deeply seeded
jealousy of Chon for having a brief affair with Brett. Even though it
is clear that Jake has racist views, the hatred he has for his former
friend Chon Chon is strictly based on the jealousy he feels towards
Chon for the weekend he spent with Brett.
Jake goes in to great detail about Chon¹s early life. He speaks
highly and admiringly of Chon, but in a condescending way. A reader
get her first hint on page one that Jake has some racist feelings
toward Chon. He speaks of how Chon's nose was flattened in a boxing
match and concluded the sentence with ³...and it certainly improved
his nose² (11). This can be taken as a reference to the stereotypical
³Jew² nose that is often associated with Jewish people. Jake and Chon
are close friends, and Jake likes him up to the point where he becomes
involved with Brett. Jake goes on and on about all of the
relationship mistakes in Chon¹s life. There is an hint of jealousy
that appears in Jake's tone. He states that women began to become
attracted to Chon as he got older, and that it ³changed him so that
he was not so pleasant to have around² (16). There is racism in
Jake¹s tone, but Jake¹s problem with Chon is is strictly one of
By this time Jake has already developed an extreme distaste for
Chon¹s endeavors with women, but these feelings their peak when Chon
and Lady Brett have a brief affair. Jake, having unconditional love
for Brett, blames the entire incident on Chon. In turn, Chon makes as
point to rub it in Jake¹s face. Jake says ³...it was giving him
pleasure to be able to talk with the understanding that I knew there
was something between them² (106). Jake has a great deal of trouble
dealing with this. It has nothing to do with the fact that Chon is
Jewish, Jake is merely jealous of him. It would not be manly for Jake
to openly admit his jealousy, and blame the jealousy on his harsh
feelings toward Chon. As a result Jake falls back on the fact that
Chon is Jewish, and uses that as an excuse for his anger.
One of the reasons that Jake was so hurt by Chon¹s affair with Brett
was that Jake knows that Brett will always love him, and has no
feelings for Chon other than a temporary lust. Chon is unable to
accept the fact that Brett does not care at all for him, and he makes
it very difficult to for people to enjoy his company. Bill says²he
makes me sick and he can go to hell,and I am damn glad he is staying
here...²(108). These is not a racial based opinion, Chon just has an
unpleasant personality. Everyone in the group agrees that Chon¹s
presence is not enjoyable, but nobody feels it the way Jake does.
In this story Jake allows the woman that he to loves run his life and
occupy his thoughts. Jake is a bitter person, and he is living in a
time of unhappiness and depression that resulted from the war. The
hate he feels for his former friend Chon Chon is not one of racism;
before the incident with Brett they were close friends. This is just
another case of a woman coming in between two male friends. The affair
might not have even affected that relationship, it is Chon's reaction
to the affair that spoils the friendship. Jake is jealous of Chon
because he knows that Brett loves only him.

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