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Essay/Term paper: Tourism

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In truth, the attributes of tourism have changed rapidly during the
twentieth century. Today, it is virtually impossible even to avoid the
effect that the tourism industry has on the world. On the following
lines I shall in an explaining voice treat the subject of tourism and I

wager you'll find it rather interesting. First and for most; Why do we
become tourists? What is this incredible force which drives us to leave
the safe shelter of our homes to travel to places some times thousands
of miles from our native lands? Well, in order to answer that, we need
to find out the benefits of tourism. It's usually us people from the
richer countries in the west that travel abroad as tourists. This
became possible during the early twentieth century, when the industrial
revolution had reached most western countries in a big way, and the
governments had begun to get more and more democratic. They started to
have governmental foundings with the intention of giving people who
worked in different sectors their wages in sp Although, most Americans
would probably not be so negative about it. The American Dream that
influences their society speaks for the strength of the individual.
That is, if you really want to be rich, you can be, as long as you're
not afraid of working hard. So, people obviously like being tourists,
and the even more obvious reasons for that can be the need for
something different to occur in ones life, not always being stuck in
the same old tracks, over and over again. Or, that we need to relax,
which you apparently can't do at home, only abroad. One classic reason
for tourism is of course that it is a social benefit; You'll get a lot
of attention from people back home both before and after the journey,
which indeed can be just as much, if not more of a pleasure then the
holiday itself. Tourism, according to the Department of National
Heritage, apparently outnumbers most any other line of business, from
construction industry to raising cattle. Today, it is more or less well
known to people that tourism has grown to massive proportions, being
almost the largest industry in the world. This of course brings along
with it heaps of problems, connected to the fact that where there is
money to be earned (and thus power to be controlled), man has neither
moral nor restrictions to prevent her from doing just about all she can
to exploit that source of wealth. In the compendium, there is an
article from the Morning Star that talks about how people in the 70s
considered the tourism a "harmless way to transfer wealth from the
north to the third world". Today there are evidence which speaks of a
terminal degeneration over the last 20 years, where the tourism
industry and tourists weakens third world countries standard as unique
territories into being merely "attractive spots", without either
culture nor sense of dignified nationalism. Another problem is the vast
prostitution, which follow in the steps of tourism like a swarm of
dragonflies around a heap of treasure. In the Philippines for example,
it is estimated that 60000 children are active prostitutes. Due to
this, dreams are shattered for many families as they see their children
fall victim to drugs and its consequences, thus breaking down the will
and spirit of the countries inhabitants, as they every day go to the
backdoor of the hotels to serve the very people who might be the ones
to rape their offspring. Du Tourism - 1, 2,
Martin Hultn SP2b

Wordcount: 1008 words with 5754 characters MH-99


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