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Essay/Term paper: Jack london's white fang: summary

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Jack London's White Fang: Summary

"White Fang" starts out with 2 men and a group of 6 sled dogs traveling
across the Arctic with a dead man in a coffin. This group was followed by a
pack of famished wolves. Each night a female half wolf half dog would seduce a
dog away and allow the pack to kill him. This killing of the dogs lasted until
there were 3 dogs remaining. One man tried to save a 4th dog that was being
killed by the wolves and ended up getting killed also. From then on the wolves
closed in on the camp of the remaining man and 2 dogs. Just as the fire, that
was keeping the wolves away, on the camp burned low a rescue party came and
saved the man and the 2 dogs from being eaten. After departing the pack came
upon a 800 lb. bull moose. From there the pack split up to mate 3 wolves
followed the half wolf half dog or the she-wolf. The 3 wolves fought and One-
eye, a old fighting wolf, won and won the rights to the she-wolf. The she-wolf
gave birth to 5 wolf pups. The only one to survive was a spunky cub named White
Fang. White Fang became a pet of the Indians. He moved with the Indians
everywhere they traveled, yet he still heard the call of the wild. They
cherished him as he became a great fighter, fighting dogs. He became wise and
learned many tricks. His value to them was priceless except a man named Beauty
Smith found a way to buy him through liquor. Beauty Smith used White Fang as a
valuable fighter. He arranged fights and took in bets on them. White Fang
whipped everybody he fought until he fought a pitbull. The pitbull had White
Fang by the neck and was slowly going in to open the jugular. Then a man named
Weedon Scott punched Beauty Smith and pried the pitbull's teeth off of White
Fang's neck. Scott started to love White Fang and pet him. White Fang was
afraid at first that Scott would hurt him. White Fang came to love Scott.
White Fang even got sick and wouldn't eat when Scott left once. Scott was going
to leave a second time but White White Fang jumped through a window and Scott
took him with him to his home in the Sierra Vista. Scott's dad was a judge and
a man named Jim Hall was going to kill Judge Scott. White Fang sensed a
intruder in the house and killed him. White Fang was shot but recovered and
lived the rest of his days in the Sierra Vista.


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