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Essay/Term paper: Creative writing: who's in the wall?

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Creative Writing: Who's in the Wall?

Ursula McIntyre

At precisely 10:30 A.M. I got a call from a Mr. Machiano saying that
while renovating a palace his men found the bones of what seamed to be a human
body. When I got to the scene one of his men showed me to the corps. It had
dirty, out-of-date clothes draped upon its remains with a piece a rope beside it.
I asked Mr. Machiano how the body was discovered.
"My men were knocking down a wall and one of them found a skeleton with a
motlry on, and that's when I called you."
I asked whom he bought the palace from.
"A man I would say in his early eighties, named Montresor."
I then left to learn about this person.. I found out that he was living
with a cousin right near his old home. I decided to stop by and ask him a few
questions hoping he would remember or know something. After about an hour of
getting "I do not know. What are you talking about? Please leave." I realized
this was a waste of time and decided to go.
The next morning I called Mr. Machiano and asked him to meet me at the
palace. As I approached the area where the body was found I began to feel a
little queasy. I searched the ground around the body hoping to find some clues.
I noticed the sparkle of metal pertruding from the ground. I picked it up and
saw it was a gold and diamond ID bracelet with the name Montresor inscribed on
it. I decided to do a little more research on this man. I went to the station
and asked the secretary to show me the file on any person missing for more than
20 years. The list only had about five people on it with a brief description.
There was a man by the name of Fortunato on it who has been missing for about 50
years. He was last seen wearing a motley. I then put two and two together and
after some investigation, I found out that the remains were indeed Fortunato.
Later that afternoon I decided to visit Mrs. Fortunato. She took the news
pretty well, she had suspected he was dead.
"The last time I saw him was fifty years ago during carnival season."
I went back to Montresor's house and told him that next to Fortunato's body
was a gold bracelet with his name on it. He still insisted he had had nothing
to do with the murder and had no idea how his bracelet gotten near the body.
"It must have fallen off and sunk into the mortar." I told him that I could
sense his nervousness and asked him if he was okay, then I heard him mumble
something. I asked, then told him to say it louder. I could not quite hear him.
"I killed him, and I don't even regret it. He was dirty man who worked at
the local carnival. He found out that I was cheating on my wife and told me
that if I didn't give him $50,000 he would tell her. He would have ruined my
life so I ruined his instead. He got his $50,000, I stuffed his carcass in to
the wall with a diamond and gold bracelet on his wrist with my name on it. He
would always remember why and by whom he was killed then. What a perfect plan,
what a perfect, prefect plan. My wife never found out. To make it even better,
on that very wall I HUNG a picture my myself. I was hung in a picture, he was
hung in a wall."
Montresor was convicted of 1st degree murder and sentenced to death. His
final words were, " I'm an old man ready to die but are you a young woman ready
to live with killing me? I could kill well and with pride. How about you?"


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