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Essay/Term paper: Astrology

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Astrology is the science of certain cryptic relations between the celestial
bodies and terrestrial life. It is considered an art and a practical science.
It lays no claim to be what used to be called an exact science, but studies
certain predispositions or tendencies in human life, which are sometimes
indicated so clearly that they become virtual certainties. The possible uses of
astrology are endless and may be used to a variety of means.
Since the days of the Chaldeans, it was known that the sun, moon, and
planets followed similar paths, the zodiac. It is a zone of the celestial
sphere that extends from 8.5 degrees on either side if the path of the sun. As
a primitive calendar, the zodiacal belt was arbitrarily divided into twelve
sections of 30 degrees each. these are the famous signs of the zodiac. The
orgins of the names given to each sign extend into the most remote regions of
antiquity. Terrestrial animal gods, whether real or imagined , were one day
projected onto the constellations which, in the Chaldean imagination, they
resembled. This celestial menagerie has furthermore given the zodiac its name,
for in greek, it means "route of animals."
The sun enters the first zodiacal sign, Aries , and then continues its path
through the remaining eleven signs. The twelve signs of the zodiac are: Aries,
Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn,
Aquarius, and Pisces.
The moon and the planets pass through the signs too, but obviously at
different speeds from those of the sun. The moon, which is close to the earth,
circles the zodiac in twenty-nine days, while the planet Pluto needs two hundred
fifty years. Planets also can be seen to slow down, stop, and even reverse
directions in relationship to the constellations that they cross. In reality,
the planet inexorably continues along its way. But the speed of the earth
itself interacts with that of the planet to occasionally give this impression.
The symbolism of the twelve signs is a very ancient tradition passed along
from Manilius and Ptolemy of Alexandria. It ascribes well-defined properties to
each sign, influences transmitted to the child at birth that determine his
character, health, and destiny. Passing through twelve signs, the planets, play
different parts. Being born at the moment when one of the signs is occupied by
several planets confers the properties of this sign on the individual. The most
important celestial figure is that of the sun. This what determines what sign
the child was born under.
In this way an ancient tradition has divided human beings into twelve
psychological types whose descriptions are intuitive of human nature.
This interpretation of the twelve signs is a blend of several different
works but generally agree on the signification of the signs of the zodiac.

ARIES (March 21-April 20)

Ruled by Mars, the Aries is the incarnation of violent will, impatience,
impulsiveness, and rapid, often precipitated, decisions. The principal
qualities are enthusiasm, courage, independence, and pride. But Aries is too
aggressive and impulsive. Like the animal that it symbolizes, he has a great
tendency to thrust ahead with his horns without having reflected beforehand. To
succeed in life the aries must keep his enthusiasm but moderate his ardor.
The Aries essence is the principal of acceleration personified. "Fast" is
the word that governs all activities from falling in love to saving a hopeless
situation. Ariens talk fast, think fast, move fast and have no patience for
people who don't.
Ariens thrive on challenge and are born leaders, eager to break through old
barriers to watch their ideas take hold. Their nature is dynamic, fiery and
fiercely determined to have its own way, regardless. And because they can be
such an audacious, impassioned, overwhelming force to handle, they get their own
way more often than not.
A displeased Aries can be like a tornado: if caught standing in the path of
either, there is no way to remain impervious. There may be disturbing sounds and
things may begin to fly, but it doesn't last long.
Ariens are highly generative and immensely positive in their approach to
all they undertake. There is an extraordinary courage in this sign that springs
from vitality and confidence that sings of miracles. This is a sign that senses
possibility in the improbable and that can create new conditions out of chaos.
The Aries vision is progressive and expansive, and their approach enthusiastic
and inspiring. They bring an incandescence to everything they care about.
One strength this sign is missing is subtlety. And one way this deficiency
comes through is with the kind of candor that can kill. When Ariens are good,
they are very good; when they are bad, they are very bad.

Taurus (April 21-May 22)

It is Venus who governs this sign. In general, Taurus is a concrete being,
firmly attached to the goods of this world. He has a strong but peaceful
sensuality. His anger is rare, in the image of the peaceful beast that is his
totem, but it comes abruptly and violently: he easily "sees red." Most often
however, he demonstrates his good sense, stability and fidelity. He can
sometimes be reproached for lack of detachment and disinterestedness.
Taurus is archetypal earth, steady and enduring, solid as the ground
beneath one's feet. By nature, Taureans are strong and basic, practical and
uncomplicated in their approach to life. Taureans are loyal and loving in
pragmatic ways that promote positive feelings. Builders of bonds, nests, and
families, Taureans know instinctively how to make a house a home.
Taureans have a way of consuming their own possessions, or preserving and
cherishing them like objects of fine art. The sheer sensuous pleasure that a
Taurean is capable of taking in life is something the more mental signs can
learn from. However, like anything else, it is prone to excess and can pose
The Taurean tunes negative can be cold, brutal, violent, and sadistic, the
type of person to take a life simply to make an angry point. Bottled up and
often displaced anger is a key problem for they do not deal well with their
deeper emotions.
When fixed in a chosen direction and highly motivated, the typical Taurean
can outendure all competition, opposition and obstacles of every kind. However,
the motivation has to spring from something that is highly valued.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

It is Gemini that influences the gemini, the crafty Mercury, god of
eloquence, merchants and thieves. He is above all a shrewd being, constantly
proving his adaptability in all circumstances. He enjoys social contacts. All
recognize Gemini's brilliance and spirituality. He must nonetheless guard
against falling into easiness that would make of him a superficial, unstable and
mixed-up individual. He should put intelligence in the service of a durable
cause. In love,he must be careful of artificiality, and put more sincerity into
rushes of feeling.
"I think therefore I am" is the classic Gemini code for carrying on with
life. Geminis meet all of their problems "head" on and have a set of reasons
for all their motivations-including those that are purely emotional.
People born under this sign are smart and glib, social and superficially
clever. Gemini is the sign of communication, and most Geminis can talk their
way out of a maximum-security prison. Or, when the guileful trickster takes over,
they can manipulate somebody else behind bars.
Geminis tend to be self-involved and fear those who sabotage their sense of
freedom. Seeking stimulation but having a strong sense of self-preservation,
they will avoid anything that seriously threatens their ego base. Instinctively,
they select and sort out what or who is most important in their scheme of things.
Quite often such discriminations are based on a desire for power.
Highly verbal and gregarious, Geminis have a gift for talking and taking
advantage of the attention that their clever words attract. There is great
power in their ability to generate an eager and receptive audience. Caught up
in the moment, they lack self-consciousness and have the ability to get the most
dolorous crowd to break into contagious laughter.
Because the thinking process overrides their ability to feel, Geminis have
to train their minds to work for them rather than against them. A powerful mind
is a calm, focused and disciplined one. On the other hand, a mind that is out
of control gets nowhere, and is a Gemini pitfall which finds expression in many
aspects of life.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Like the moon that governs this sign, Cancer is an imaginative, sensitive,
and dreamy individual. Somewhat self-effacing, he enjoys family life, where
his timidity- and somewhat weakness- seems to be protected from the hardness of
this world. The feeling for the past is more attractive that the future. He
often feels a nostalgia for childhood and the protection of his mother and must
try to overcome this attitude. Cancer must strive to impose his qualities of
shrewdness and intuition on groups of people. In love, it is not good for the
cancer to give too much importance to the wounds of self-love, and he must learn
to declare himself at the right moment.
Ruled by the tides of their fluctuating emotions, Cancers are Moon people,
mysterious as the sea at night, delicate as a moon beam shimmering on the
surface of a still and haunted lake. In their own unique ways, Cancers are
haunted-by their fears and anguished fantasies, their attachment to the past,
their driven compulsions and their quiet, self-obsessed dramas that sometimes
move them to the brink of madness.
Self-enclosed and saturated with their own emotions, Cancers feel
everything that they don't deliberately shut out. it is a highly strung inner
world of intense emotional velocity that is ignited by any threat to their sense
of control.
Sometimes sensitive and compassionate, sometimes cold and cut off from the
world, Cancers are influenced by both the inner and outer atmosphere. The
result is a person easily pressured by onslaughts on their self-preservation.
In the Cancer mind, the unconscious is very close to the surface. as the
first of the three water signs, much of life is about learning to live with this
emotional makeup in the middle of a cold an insecure material world.
Cancers are often criticized as being extremely self-centered people.
However, it is, in truth, as if there is no self, only a self-protective shell.
With emotions so close to the surface, Cancers are hopelessly sentimental.
Generous to a fault, they can be a fool for love.
When it comes to work , the classic Cancerian has the concentration of a
brain surgeon and the drive to go along with it. Tenacious, task-oriented and
intense, Cancers tend to be perfectionists who take their work personally-and
sometimes a little too seriously. There are Cancers who leave the office at the
office. However, it is likely that they work overtime, don't take time for
lunch, and go home hours after the cleaning lady.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Having elected to reside in this sign, the sun confers its force, amplitude,
and radiance on those born in Leo. Leo is a proud, individualistic, and
generous being. Authority and willpower are among the dominant character traits.
Thus he has strong trump cards to help obtain success in life. Leo must be
wary, however, of pride and unmeasured action, and govern ambitions with the
measure of his abilities. He must avoid being too susceptible to flattery. In
love, he has a tendency to transform his life into the stage of the theater. He
should be more reserved in the manifestations of his rushes of feeling. those
who love him will be grateful for this.
Leo is the sign of the sun, and like the sun itself, Leos shine with
stellar incandescence. Leos' magnetism makes them highly memorable people who
exude power and personableness.
Personality is the Leo strong point. When so desiring, the Leo charm can
tame serpents and turn the world at large into an adoring enclave. At their
best they give off a scintillating sort of radiance. They are positive and
enthusiastic, spirited, dynamic and larger than life.
Leos expect the best from themselves and everyone around them. It is this
attitude that helps them achieve their dreams.
This is the sign that is determined to do things its own way, at all costs,
with no patience for the opinions of others. When this works, the Leo energy and
willfulness can create miracles. When it backfires, it's probably more
comfortable hanging out in a towering inferno.
Although Leos are overachiever with highly successful track records, they
tend to underestimate their accomplishments. The anxiety deep within them
concerning performance never allows them to rest and gives them problems
delegating authority. They embrace perfectionistic standards and feel contempt
for mediocrity.

Virgo (August 23-September 23)

It is mercury that rules this sign. But it is not the subtle and airy
Mercury of gemini. Intelligence is more matter-of-fact: less gifted but deeper.
The Virgo is rightly considered calculating, prudent and attached to minor
details to the point of fixation. For the Virgo, reason overcomes the heart;
precision seems to be more important than intuition, of which he is wary. In
love, Virgo is not very demonstrative, or at least, unable to decide, a late
marriage will be his lot.
Commonly known as the sign of the nitpicking perfectionist, Virgos often
consider themselves to be discriminators graced with divine sanction. Seeing
flaws like Librans see beautiful faces, Virgos are often controlled by their
visions. In time, their visions go into what makes up a life.
The single most important challenge in the Virgo experience is to see
things in larger terms. Virgos' visions determine their career success, quality
of experience in relationships, health, and overall quality of life.
The perfectionism so often associated with this sign, has in fact far less
to do with perfection than with a diminished view of the whole. It is the sort
of perception that focuses in on the loose thread rather than the color of of
the fabric. Virgos are victimized by a deadly dreariness that is born of duty
and discipline, self-control and routinized regimes.
People born under this sign often have to wake up to the possibilities of
their own life and the power within themselves. Shortsighted, Virgos settle
easily for the minor roles that are so often assigned to them rather than
stretching them beyond and utilizing the gifts of what could be a superior mind.

Libra (September 23- October 22)

Governed by Venus, the planet of harmony and arts, one word characterizes
Libra: equilibrium, as the sign it symbolizes. Libra is sociable, refined, and
understanding, partly to conciliatory solutions. But be careful, for he is
gifted with a very fine sense of justice, and will engage in battle if he
considers that he has been ridiculed. In sentimental relationships, Libra is
praised for his sweetness and elegance, with an occasionally somewhat
exaggerated coquetishness. Aggressiveness must be stimulated, for Libra's
distinguished nonchalance can prevent his social success.
In many respects, Libra is a sign of paradox. Librans sprout from a series
of contradictions: self versus nonself, mental versus emotional, pleasure versus
pathos, generosity versus greed, control versus chaos. Underneath the smiling
face and stellar charm lies a character with many convolutions, confusions,
frustrations and ambivaleces concerning its identity. Combine this with very
high intelligence and you have people who think a great deal about how they
ought to be, how they should have been, how they might have been and how they
will be if only...and so on. While this highly complicated process sounds self-
centered, it is in fact the workings of a self that doesn't feel complete by
itself. It always seems that something is missing, and whether that appears to
be another person, a significant promotion, or a successful project that will
prove one's worth, the day-to-day drama is often a torturous spiral.
The need to affirm one's self is so strong in Libras that it makes many of
them burn with ambition. In the intensity of striving and accomplishing, one
leaves a sense of lacking behind. Alas the fuel for such ambition is the kind of
anxiety that never lets one calm down. The satisfaction that comes from having
achieved one's goal is soon supplanted by the necessity for a new creation. And
so continues the rise and fall of doing and being. In between each gap is like a
gasp in which a threatening, self-diminishing voice sneaks through.

Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

Mars, the god of war, and Pluto, the god of the underworld, share this
kingdom. It suffices to say that the child of Scorpio is not a being of rest.
There is in him a depth of violent aggressiveness and undiscipline, but also of
anguish. Scorpios enemies must contend with his piercing critical sense, which
permits the rapid discovery of the chinks in their armor, for it is certain that
he has flair. There is also scientific curiosity which penetrates the depths
nature's secrets, even if they are dangerous. Passionate and jealous in love,
possessing strong sexuality; in a word, Scorpio has the best and the worst. By
developing the best, he is able to have exceptional success in life.
Scorpio might be the most misunderstood sign in the zodiac. It is a
convoluted sign, commonly associated with mystery, sex, power, and intrigue. In
social gatherings where the conversation has descended to the most superficial
astrological chitchat, Scorpio gets more than its share of abuse.
Much of this has to do with the fact that at any given point a great deal
of the Scorpionic agenda remains hidden. Intensely private, strongly secretive
and rather suspicious, Scorpio does not reveal itself to anyone, nor does it
form close overnight friendships. For the most part, members of this sign stand
aloof from more obvious social interactions. Scorpios prefer one-to-one
situations to large parties at which people present their social facades. This
is a sign of depth and depth perception. Scorpios see and feel more than most
people, and not infrequently these feelings are complicated and problematic.
Because of this, at a very early age, they develop a deep need for control,
along with a list of goals and game plans that will take them where they want to
Scorpio is the power behind the throne, and has the substance of which
CEO's are made. Success is what they are after. They ca be secretive and
ruthless to achieve their desired position.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 20)

Jupiter is the master os this sign. He confers an honest, generous and
loyal nature. Sagittarius has true nobility of character that works through
goodness and moderation. He enjoys escaping from the banality of day-to-day
life, and travelling attracts him. Furthermore, these travels can be imaginary
as well as real. Sagittarius is a sign of the philosophical mind. In love, he
prefers legality and lasting feelings to brief and violent passions and
The essence of sagittarian nature is possibility personified. Diminishment
of any kind depresses the classic Sagittarian, as does anyone or anything
interfering with the Sagittarian's sense of freedom. Sagittarians always want
to feel free to make choices and to move in any direction that suits them.
Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, bound only by his own beliefs.
Sagittarians have expansive minds and are eager to learn, and experience, always
restless and impatient to move ahead.
The classic Sagittarian is a democratic individual with ideals that often
define the lifestyle. The Sagittarian soul desires expansion at all costs and
is sensitive to social issues that affect the functioning of self and fellow man.
Sagittarians want the best possible worlds. They will never stop searching
until they find it. For a great many members of this sign, the entire
experience of life is one endless exploration. Sagittarians see possibility
where other signs perceive limitations. They also have a genius for seeing
splendid things that the common mind might consider silly.
The Sagittarian nature wants to soar, and after landing, to remain
unimpeded. This can cause some unsettling problems when encountering the
situation called "daily life." Sagittarians want life to be perfect, and they
don't want to waste their perfect time dinking around with petty, boring details
or being bothered by a moronic boss with no vision.

Capricorn (December 21-January 19)

This region of the winter sky has been attributed by astrologers to the
morose Saturn. Capricorn is serious, often on the defensive; decisions are
taken in a calm atmosphere, and he is farsighted. He is very ambitious, but is
careful not to show it, preferring to act in the shadows rather than in the
broad daylight. It is not worth the trouble to attempt flattery, for Capricorn
will not be susceptible. He is cold, objective, and wary by nature. He will
not try to please in love, and some might reproach a lack of spirit; feeling
exist, but they are buried deep inside. Capricorn will never sacrifice his
carer to a passing fling or even to a passion.
A born executive with sky-high goals, Capricorn is the classic
accomplishmentarian. Driven beyond high ambition, this is a sign that doesn't
believe in giving up. Patient, enduring and steadfast in the face of all
obstacles, Capricorn instinctively understands the value of time. This is a
sign that can outwait all opposition and then confidently move in for the kill.
Invariably, Capricorn gets what it wants because it goes about it in all the
right ways. Hardworking, highly organized, diligent, down to earth and quietly
determined, Capricorns make great tycoons, business chieftains, politicians,
presidents and entrepreneurs.
The Capricorn mind is intrinsically materialistic. It knows the value of
a dollar in several different countries and the most recent fluctuation in the
price of gold. Capricorns value their possessions like some people value their
children, and they look at life through a prism of appearance-what you see is
what you get.
Capricorns are born climbers who will make it to the top and eventually own
it. And once securely positioned in place, attest that there is no other way to
go. Like everything else. Capricorns take their status very seriously and never
tire of their material rewards. The material to Capricorn is worth, their worth.
Having an eye for fine quality, they fully enjoy the luxury of owning the best.
To the Capricorn mind, excellence is always its own reward.

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Modern astrologers have assigned this sign to the planet Uranus. Like it,
Aquarius is gifted with a lively intelligence, and taken dy the new, sometimes
by the utopian. Originality and idealism are two principle character traits.
Very disinterested, Aquarius is enthused by great revolutionary causes, but will
not descend into the arena. The battle of ideas is sufficient, for the Aquarius
always has a depth of reserve, dreaminess, and sensitivity. He is not very
realistic in love, and demonstrates much independence and fantasy. He is able
to please and to be devoted but does not like to become attached. Aquarius must
beware of solitude.
Authentic airheads, Aquarian minds are airborne and aglow with ideals that
often have to do with utopian empires and progressive, inventive lifestyle
alternatives. In astrology, the element of air has to do with the cerebral
realm and all that this implies, such as mental creations and concoctions,
communications and intellectual vistas contained by the frameworks of the mind.
Aquarians are often brainy people, full of brilliance and visionary explosions,
seeing so far ahead that they leave the present behind.
The characteristic Aquarian is far more mental than emotional. Aquarians,
in fact, have feelings about their mental constructs and intellectual
aspirations. Their most beautiful love experience passes straight through the
The craving for a sense of possibility is a pervasive one in the Aquarian's
scheme of things. It is the motivational force behind the humanitarian
involvements and strongly cherished dreams and ideals.
The end of the sixties, which sang of the "Age of Aquarius," epitomized the
spirit of blind ideas put forth as truth, without deeper understanding of the
comprehensive whole, or the complicated timing of social change. The Aquarian
mind, rolling on a track, does not take detours. Nor, is it intellectually open
to their possibility. This is a sign associated with a great deal of fanaticism
and willful rebellion.
Aquarians are heedless and reckless, throwing caution to the wind creating
situations that are self-destructive. It is this blind which brings them their
share of headaches, heartaches and trouble.

Pisces (February 19- March 20)

Naturally it is Neptune, god of the sea that governs this sign. Everyone
agrees that Pisces is emotive and impressionable. He is praised for intuition,
poetic ability, sense of compassion, and devotion. But Pisces must overcome the
indecision of his character as well as his nonchalance; for activity can suffer
from them, and Pisces can be thrown into a dreamy existence, one that is more
than a little inefficient. Feelings are marked with a blend of mysticism and
sensuality, and the feeling of sacrifice dominates.
Pisces is the sign of the psychic, the healer, the intuitive who is in tune
with the synchronicities of the universe. Pisces nature is emotional, sensitive
and subjective. Their imagination and intelligence are subtly insightful.
The Pisces soul is one of mystery and longing. Deep inside a slumbering
divinity haunts a more conscious experience of life. There is an unearthly
quality to the Pisces sensibility that is associated with the twelfth house.
This is a place of monasteries and hidden meanings, astral experiences, dreams,
drugs and superconsious states of mind.
Pisces is a sign that deeply reflects its ruler, Neptune, the planet of
fantasy and illusion, romanticism, compassion, sympathy and the supernatural.
Like the vibration of Neptune, the Pisces mind is changeable and fluid, fanciful
and ready to flow in any direction.
Pisceans are secretive and hold a place inside themselves that they share
with only a soul mate. Because they are so psychic, subjective and idealistic,
this soul experiences often unsatisfied. Instead, they will merge with and see
themselves mirrored in their life supports and security blankets and the deeper
need for unity will be sublimated by the experience of sharing. They are
constantly searching for their true soul-mate.

There is no real way to know if astrology is reality or fiction, but it
does broaden our horizons to a new way of thinking. Perhaps time and seasons
have caused the similarities to be there, perhaps it is just a coincidence. You
must be the judge.


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