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Essay/Term paper: Baseball's new rules

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Baseball's New Rules

I started to watch baseball again since the World Series is
starting but I have noticed that there are a couple of new rules in
the game that were not there last year and I am not the only one
who does not like them.

I can tell that most of the die hard baseball fans do not like
the new rules in baseball because of all the bad things I have heard
on the TV or seen in the newspaper.

I have only seen two new rules being used since I have been
watching and one new rule everyone hates is that if you do not like
the call the umpire has made on you, you can spit in his face and
not get suspended. If you do not believe me just ask Roberto
Alomar of the Baltimore Orioles he tried the new rule out and was

Another new rule of the game of baseball that was not there
last year is that if you are sitting in the stands you can reach over
the wall and catch the ball before the players can. This new rule
was first tried out at a New York versus Baltimore Orioles game,
when New York was at bat and they needed a home run to win.
The batter hit the ball not far enough to the wall and when the out
fielder was going to catch it a kid reached over the wall and caught
the ball. This would be usually ruled no home run but the umpire
said it was OK. New York went on to win the next game to
advance to the World Series. The fans in New York made the little
boy a hero for a day and loved him for what he did but most of the
other baseball fans all over the country did not think it was fair to
the Orioles.

In conclusion I do not like the new rules of the game and
hope the commissioner of the league will change them for next


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