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Essay/Term paper: Creative writing: this girl

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Creative Writing

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Creative Writing: This Girl

The girl slowly creeped across the floor. She had a look on her face of
love. She began to tempt me. I could not allow her to take control over me. I
could not resist. I had to let the love warm my body. I have let her take over
once again. I have lost to her kiss. The kiss that has sweetened my blood. I
absorbed her body.
I walked down the trail on a journey to find my house. I took this route
every day. I know that it will lead me back to the place that I love so much.
The place that I learn to make something of myself. This wonderful place that I
call home, gives me power. I am finally a free man. I can survive well, and I
control my everyday thing. I love living alone. I am in control. I set the rules,
I am the man of house. I rule my own country.
She tickles me with her long nails. She scratches the back of my neck oh
so gently. I get high off of this girls love so often. I met her at a symphony.
She is very popular all the puppies of my society adore her. She has seen parts
of the world that no one else has. She has been kicked out of this country many
times. The dreams I have after I sleep with this woman are so incredible that it
makes me a little crazy the next day.
Why do my parents keep bothering me? I can hold my own now. I am mature,
I am a man. I do get distracted real easily and my parents keep ruining my
distraction, I am upset because of that. I have my own apartment in Santa Cruz,
I live in a pardise. California has it all, beautiful beaches, pretty girls,
great bars, money, palm trees, and tons of smog. Can't live without it.
This girl really is a trip. All the things people have said about her
are true. I saw her at the tikki bar the other day, she was dressed in a suit
that had stars and stripes on it. She was looking fine. I asked her if she
wanted to go for a walk, she replied with a sexy, acceptance. The journey
started off heavenly. Then as always she started the tease. She stripped me down
naked. I had lost all control, I slipped out of this world and she wont let me
back in. The life flowed out of my lips. Her lips suddenly tasted like almonds,
I knew I was in trouble now.
My parents came up to visit me today but I was not home. I missed them
by a couple of hours. Bummer because I am not coming back on my usual route
today. The jouney I am taking today will lead me to the end of a long trail, the
trail of a deadly relationship.
That girl has stirred up a problem. I cannot see her anymore. Her little
act has gotten me into a problem that I can no longer rule. It is not my fault.
She dumped me. Why did I upset her? I am sorry, really. I never mean to hurt
anyone so please forgive me. I did not mean to cut anything short, especially


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