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Essay/Term paper: Creative writing: friends till the very end

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Creative Writing

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Creative Writing: Friends Till the Very End

By Nick Stuckey

Rain clouds began to tear themselves away from the jagged peaks of the Koolau
range and rays broke through the clouds and beat down on the muddy water of
Pearl Bay. Bobby glanced toward them, but his mind was elsewhere. He paced back
and forth along the isolated stretch of the narrow beach. Now and then he would
kick at loose pebbles along the muddy grey shoreline. For the moment, Bobby was
still in his private world, consisting of little more than a strip of mud flat
along one small section of the bay. But his world was about to be invaded. Chris,
his best friend since kindergarten, would be showing up any minute. And Bobby
knew that before this afternoon ended, their two lives, so entwined these many
years, would forever be changed.

Bobby clutched a smooth black stone in his fingers. He leaned into the light
breeze, preparing to skip it across the harbour waters, but stopped abruptly,
remembering that the gods did not like land removed from the island. As the
stone slipped from his fingers, his eyes followed the ripples that glided on and
off the grey beach where he stood, then rose almost by habit to gaze once more
at the Arizona Memorial stretching white and graceful, remembering painfully
that this would be the last time that he would ever walk along this beautiful

As his eyes watched the waves, and how they caressed the muddy shoreline, he
began to think of the future. His thoughts were quickly disrupted.

"Hey bud, how's it going? What was so important that you had to talk to me
about?" Chris asked.

"It's to hard. I can't go on with it."

"What? What can't you go on with?" Chris demanded urgently.

"It's just, that, that, this will be our last weekend together".

"Wait a minute. Slow down, your not making any sense. None at all. What do you
mean that this will be our last weekend together? We have the whole entire
summer planned out. Fishing next weekend, canoeing to Ford Island next month,
our bike....."

"NO STOP!!! You don't understand. My dad got transferred. We're moving."

"But why now. School doesn't start for another two months, and colleges start
even later than that!" Chris replied.

"I know, it sucks. I can't do anything about it. I've tried everything. I've
even asked my parents if it would be okay to move in with my grandparents for
the rest of the summer. But it's no use. They say I have to get used to the town,
meet new friends,and get a job."

"Okay then. I guess there's nothing we can do about this. So let's make the most
of it this weekend." Chris said softly.

The clouds began to form again. The rays of light that had once beat down upon
the water had now disappeared once again.Bobby looked at the end of the bay and
watched where the water poured through Maxis's cave. Suddenly an idea hit his
head like a jolt of lightning.

"Let's do something outrageous, something that we'd never do otherwise." Bobby
said excitedly.

"Well what do have in mind"? Chris asked, holding a puzzled face.

As Bobby raised his arm towards the cave Chris began to see what he was pointing
at. His eyes widened in disbelief.

"Your not serious Bobby. You're gonna get yourself killed!"

"You better believe it. I'm going, whether your coming or not, well, that's up
to you."

"Wouldn't you rather just go fishing?" Chris asked questionly.

"Fishing. It's my last weekend here, and you wanna go fishing!" Bobby retorted.

"Fine, let's do it. I'll rent some wet suits at the scuba shop, and um.. you can
get the inner tubes. Meet back here at 2:30." Chris said excididly.

Finally 2:30 came around. By then, the sun had broken up the clouds and you
could now see the jagged peaks of the Koolau Mountains. The two boys had shown
up. They decided to meet up at the top of Maxis Funnel. When they got there they
encountered a man fishing in a near by creak.

"You boys have a death wish or something?" He asked.

"No sir", Chris said. "Were just looking to have a little bit of fun. That's
all." Chris replied in a polite manner.

They hopped the 13 foot fence, and the warning signs. Nothing was going to stop
these two boys.

They hopped into the cold murky water and wiped down the funnel like greased
lightning. Suddenly, the sun disappeared. They were now in the cavern, cries of
laughter and excitement rang trough-out the cave. Till suddenly one of the cries
turned bad. One of the cries had a shriek of pure terror in it. Bobby didn't
notice it. He was to busy trying to dodge the large rocks, until finally the
trill of their lifetime came to a stop. Bobby was sitting in the middle of the
bay, alone. He looked back to see if Chris had come out yet. He didn't. No one
did. Until he noticed a discolour in the water.

He rushed over and scooped up a hand full. It was blood, Chris's blood. And
Bobby knew it.

Bobby jumped off the tube and ran up the muddy beach in hope to find someone.
But no one was there. He knew deep in his mind that no one was around for miles,
and with that fearful thought in his mind he collapsed. His head sank down
between his knees till it hit the soggy mud of the beach. He turned sick, in
thought that he had killed the love and friendship of two people. A love and
friendship which he could never bring back, and he knew. That this was his fault.
He thought to himself that he couldn't live any more with such a heavy burden on
his shoulders. He cried aloud on that isolated beach. Until he was out of energy
and fell asleep. He knew he had to go home.

He went home that night and told his parents what had happened. Everything. They
were shocked at how irresponsible he could be. They called Chris parents and
they called the police. News trucks and TV reports rushed up and down their road
all night, asking Bobby what had happened. He had a hard time excepting what had
happened. He couldn't believe that he had killed his best friend. And for what.
A trill of a life time.

It's been 3 years now. My stomach still hurts once in a while. My head spins
out of control, kind of. But only now and then. Like at night in my bed, when it
gets real quiet. And dark. First, my mind goes around in slow circles for a
little while, then sinks back down into that foggy place where I lived for such
a long time. That dark misty place where you can hardly see anything. Where
there's nobody else, just me. And Chris's face, of course, always in front of me.
It looks right at me the whole time. But still, I can't help feeling so terribly
alone. Sometimes when I feel like that, I can hardly fight my way back out of
the mist. But now I manage to clear my head before morning at least, before Mom
and Dad catch me and send me back to the hospital. I hardly go to the hospital
anymore. So, I guess I'm getting better.

It's been a whole 3 years since Chris left. 3 years since the pain started. A
year since we took that plunge down into the dark murky water. I'm not dumb. I
know what made it happen, what it was all about. But I don't think I'll ever
understand it completely.


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