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Essay/Term paper: Spawn

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Creative Writing

The spawn knelt in the shadows of the corner. His iridescent eyes searching the dark for his prey. A prey he knew very well, almost too well.

From the end of the stone corridor the spawn"s ear picked out a single disturbance. From behind the mask a man"s mouth twisted in a smile and a thought of satisfaction crossed his mind.
Rising to his feet the spawn walked defiantly down the corridor. His armoured boots making no sound on the cold floor. A heart that beat no blood, pounded within the unnatural armour of the spawn. At last his mission was drawing to a close and so too would this endless torture. The one being responsible for his spawning would now ultimately reach its death.
The door was close now, and the spawn"s soulless eyes peered into the room from the doors barred window. Standing over a bench stood a man. An old man, gnarled with age and working on an intricate machine. To a mortal man the sight would appear ludicrous. An old, befuddled man could hardly attract the attention of such a powerful warrior. But to the spawns eyes, he only saw the truth.
He didn"t see the lines of age which covered the man"s face. Nor did he see the disfigured spine which pushed the man"s back into a painful composure. But he did see the beast within.
To the spawn, what stood in the other room had no dimensions, it glittered with a warrior"s sweat and had an evil which protruded off its hide like poisonous spines. This creature had roamed the aeons sending multitudes of innocent "children" to nothingness before their time.
In ages past it was known as Ra, god of the sun, then it was known as Xeues. Only a thousand years ago they called him a Dragon, and now, he was known as a scientist. Figure heads for the world, able to control the elements to their wishes.
But today, it was time for the creature to end its cultivation of evil on earth. One man who the beast had killed had refused to die. By sheer power of will he had re-spawned to become the "Spawn", and now, after centuries of silent following had finally decided that enough was enough!
Kicking open the barred door the Spawn raised his hell blade in a warriors salute and cried, "Your time is up beast! Never again will you commit crimes against humanity! With this sword I commit your body to the flames!" The spawn"s sword glowed with a magical flare and the spawn leapt forward, raising the mighty weapon above his head.
The old man turned his head, his eyes grew dark, quickly turning black to match the colour of his soul. The beast within was anxious to react. However, the old man"s body was too slow, years had aged his weary muscles. The spawn"s weapon dug deep into the silken cloth on the old mans chest and struck the heart, the soul and the beast.
At once a huge gaping hole appeared in the fabric of space, and the "stuff" which holds all things together grabbed the beast and ripped it into the mouth of the porthole. With a whining scream the gateway to the other side slammed shut and the Spawn stood quietly over the empty husk of the old scientist.
His life goal and mission over, the spawn"s soul began it"s transmutation to the heavens. Within a matter of minutes all that remained in the room, was an old man lying beside a pile of rusty old armour and a blackened, silver sword.


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