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Essay/Term paper: Dialog to the book no longer at ease

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Critical Essays

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Obi is on his way to his father when he meets an old school mate
from Umofia.

OBI:Oh! Hallo Jacob it was a long time ago we met. How are you?
Jacob:Thanks ,I`m fine.
It was certanly a long time ago we met.
What are you doing here in Umofia?I heard you work for the Civil
Service in Lagos,I hope it`s fun.
Obi:I`m here to visit my dad and mum.It was a long time ago I
visited them and I have something Important to discuss with them.
Jacob:Oh I see,what is this important thing that has brought you to
Obi:Ok the problem is that I have met a girl,her name is Clara.
We met at a dance then on the boat-trip back from England .
We fell in love and now we want to marry each other,but there is a
slight problem.
Clara is an Osu,but in my eyes she is the most beautiful woman in
the world,she is like the sun in a sunset and a moon in the night
,there is always light shining from her.
It`s not a fare world we are living in,she can`t responsible for
something her ancestors did.
I`m going to marry her I don`t care what others will say about it.

Jacob:Calm down brother! I`m your friend and I`m christian too but
you know what the people in the village think about Osus.
If you want to have your dignety you do better not marry her.
If you marry her everone will call you and your children Osus
and you will bring shame not only on your family but also on all
your ancestors.

Obi: I know all that already.This is modern time and people are
more free now to choose so why can`t I choose who I want to marry
without everyones comments.
So should we care about something so old as the Osu-tribe.
We are all brothers of the black tribe.
We have got the same blood that our earliest ancestors brought us.
What differs the Osu-tribe from us?
Nice to meet you but I have to go before it gets dark.
See you!
Jacob: Yes,see you!

Obi is knocking on his fathers door and his father opens it.
Father:What a great surprise,welcome home and welcome in.
We have missed you since you went to Lagos.
How is your work?Is Mr Green nice to you?
Obi and his father walks in.

Obi:Thanks ! Everything is alright in Lagos except Mr Green.
He thinks we Africans are lazy and a corrupted people and that the
white Englishmen has to rule in Africa if anything is going to be
done properly.

Father:Mr Green seems to have an attitude problem against black
people,but there is something else you want to tell me.I can see that
at your face.
Obi:Ok: to be straight forward,I like a girl,her name is Clara.She is
the most beautiful girl I have met.
We have been together now for a while and we have plans to marry
each other.
You have to agree to a wedding.
Father:Ok take it easy now, I haven`t met this young lady and I
don`t know anything about her background and her ancestors.
You explain it to me beacause you know more about her then I do.
Obi:This is hard to say,but she is an Osu.
I don`t care if she is an Osu or not she is the same girl for me.

Obi`s father went out from the room without saying a word .
Obi went after him.

Obi:Father we can at least talk about it as men
Father :I have nothing to talk about with you son.How can you be
so foolish to even think about marry an Osu.
It would discrase our family and everybody will laugh at us.
Have you spoke with someone else about this?

Father:Fool do realise what`s going to happen if he tells the rest of
the village,do you......
Obi:Yes I do and there is nothing to be ashame of.Who cares about
her ancestors and their history.
Not me,we want each other and that`s the only thing that means
something doesn`t it.
We are Christians for god sake and we can choose whoever we want
to our wife.
Father:I know but what will the rest of the village going to say.
Obi:We have to teach them and make them accept the new
generation and what it stands for,everyone has his rights
to say and think what he want to.
Father:Ok my son let`s try ,but if they say no and we can`t convince
them that`s it!



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