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Essay/Term paper: Diplomacy at work

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Critical Essays

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Diplomacy at Work

In today"s world political society, the use of diplomacy is a tool that allows
countries to work out their differences in an attempt to avoid war. Diplomacy is
often one of the last steps taken by two nations before a war begins or even during a
war to stop a conflict. A terrific example of diplomacy and when it is used, is the
controversy between the Israelis and the Palestinians in the Mideast. These two
countries have been at arms for years and have just recently used diplomacy as a
tool to settle their differences.
Basically, diplomacy is a function of national power. This view was stated by
Hans J. Morgenthau and supported in his essay, The Future of Diplomacy.
Diplomacy, in the eyes of Morgenthau, is fourfold. First of all, diplomacy must take
in respect the objective and the means by which it can be attained. For example, if a
weak nation is trying to use diplomacy, it must first determine how much power it
has in relation to the country it is dealing with, and if it"s goals are attainable with
that amount of power. Secondly, Morgenthau says that a nation must also take into
respect the power of the other nation and the goal it is trying to reach. Basically, all
he is saying is that a country must also take into interest the objectives and
capabilities of the opposing nation. Thirdly, he states that diplomacy must
determine how compatible the two nations needs are. In simpler terms, diplomacy
determines whether or not two nations can come to a compromise with the issues at
hand. Finally, Morgenthau says that diplomacy must include the proper steps to
achieve a certain goal. Without one of these components it is believed by
Morgenthau that the diplomacy system would fail; thus, not solving the problem of
the two countries in its entirety.
An excellent example of diplomacy between nations is that of the Palestinian and
Israeli nations. The leaders of the these two nations, Yasir Arafat (Palestine) and
Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel), have resorted to diplomacy to solve their
nations differences. Each of the concepts in Morgenthau"s theory were used to
make peace between the two conflicting nations. First of all, the leaders of both
nations recognized the long lived problem that they each faced. They came to the
conclusion that peace must be made between the two nations in order for them to
live in harmony. Each of the nations also acknowledged the capability and
willingness of the opposing nation to go to war. This is because they had fought for
many years before; thus, it was more than clear that war was not a boundary that the
nations were fearful of. Secondly, each country assessed the needs of the other
country. For instance, the Netanyahu government will allow 50,000 Palestinian
workers to obtain workers permits. This is an increase of 13,000 permits from
37,000 permits. Also, Israel will allow the opening of a Palestinian airport in the
Gaza, but the Palestinians allowed the Israelis to maintain security and inspection
rights. Although these are just two areas were compromise has been made; the
ability and will of the nations to compromise is very evident. Thirdly, each side has
viewed the others objectives and weighed how realistic they are in their own
national interest. In other words, both the Israel and Palestinian governments have
compromised on all the issues; thus, they have come up with a happy medium that
they can both deal with. Finally, each side went out and achieved the goal that the
wanted to. For instance, both sides came to the United States and made the
agreement publicly known, and used President Clinton as their witness to the events.
As one can see, the application of political terms to major political events is not
difficult. One can take almost any term in the political world and find it being
appreciated in the present day. Diplomacy is an excellent example of this because it
is used so often in the world political system. There are many other examples of
diplomacy being used in the everyday world. Businessmen use it to make a trade or
sell an item. Policemen use it to get to the bottom of a case. Basically, diplomacy is
used by all sorts of people in everyday life; one does not have to be a politician to
use diplomacy to achieve a goal.


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