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Essay/Term paper: O'neill's debate on education

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Education

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O'Neill's Debate on Education

Students are not getting the Basic Knowledge needed today due to the
poor upbringing and lack of respect for the need of education.

In O'Neills editorial his reason for this was because the students as a
whole did not want their ignorance exposed. However, he forgot to include that
teachers are just as ignorant as the student. Give a teacher the same test and
see hoe much they remember about what they we taught some odd number of years
ago. It's not safe to assume that because a person can't remember who the 31st
president was, that they don't have the basics of gobble history . How many
teachers know the basics, if asked on the spot.

Lets Examine another quote from O'Neill's editorial in his opine Charie
Chaplin a classic movie star, and that because when asked about him no one know
who he was, Well , if the students didn't watch old TV shows on the late night
TV channels then how would they know of Charlie? They don't cover a class in
classic television. There fore that question would be unfair to pit on the test.
O'Neill's just assume that everyone is raised in the same back ground as him.
Charles Darwin did not create gravity but he did believe in evolution. The
concept that we were originated from organs to monkeys then humans. In church
we stray away from that kind of talk "that is the devil trying to score your
mind" that's what they would say.

O'Neill says "I broke the rules of this time-honored gam when I
presented my English-composition students with an 86 question test the first day
of class." Know that all students think of doing the first day of class.
Concentrating on a 86 question test is a common students retinal. The student
always for every question read it through out and back and forward. O'Neill
told the students that the students that it wouldn't be graded. Any time you
tell students that, automatically that means just fill it out. As long as it
get done. You can't go by a test like that for the simple fact that there is
know evidence each and every one gave it a true try. Sure they finished the
test but did they even read it. When students in the hall where stopped and
asked to fill out the questions stated on the handout the results where the same.
Charles Darwin invented electricity. Christ was born around Elvis's birthday.
The geographical part of the test was outstandingly wrong. The samples given
out were to prove student don't take that stuff serious. They see words with
answers. Students just want to get the test over and move on. When the
questioners were told a free candy bar ( only 5 people were ask told this.) if
they could score majority right. do you know 3 of them got 10 out of 15
questions right. They took time and really thought about it.

Students did learn the lesson then it was taught in school. All they
had to do was stay out of trouble and not interrupt the often students with
there learning. When a student is kick out of school and at home what are they
doing to replace to time spent out of school. They either not at home or
getting ready to leave. Their parents don't bother to physically correct them.
They figure why bother they probly do it again. Then the parents give up hope
and with out the parents help of confidence the student modifies change from
suicides to get by. More and more student are just getting by they don't bother
learn to remember for good. They remember for know. Just enough to get them
through the year then they for get every thing they where tested on. Even if
they got A's on the test they for get over half of it.

Your whole life your learning things that every one says you are going
to need to know that. It's hard to comprehend what you need to know to get by
and what you need to know. The funny thing is youth today are not getting the
knowledge they need but they are doing the best with the know how they got to
work with.


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