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Essay/Term paper: Compare and contrast : sir percy vs. chauvelin from the scarlet pimpernel

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Composition

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Many objects and people these days have the ability to be compared and

contrasted. For example, you could compare and contrast a dog and a cat. A dog

is most commonly a house pet, like the cat. But a dog has more of an ability to

be trained, unlike the cat. But it's not the subject of comparing a dog and a cat.

It's time to begin comparing and contrasting Sir Percy and Chauvelin from The

Scarlet Pimpernel, a book written by Baroness Orczy.

Let's start with comparing Percy and Chauvelin. Something that they

have in common is that they both are smart and creative. For example, Percy

showed his creativity by outwitting Chauvelin at the Chat Gris. When Percy

offered Chauvelin the snuff, but it really was pepper, that was definite creativity.

Chauvelin shows his smarts when he holds Armand hostage and blackmails

Margueritte. Really, how else can you think of that would make Margueritte do

anything for Chauvelin?

Another way that the two are alike is that they both are fighting for

what they believe in. Percy is trying to free the aristocrats, while Chauvelin is

attempting to prevent the aristocrats from leaving. Both are totally devoted to

their job and are fighting for what they believe. Like how Percy could get killed

at any time if he gets caught by Chauvelin. Speaking of Chauvelin, he himself is

not a liked man ; there are many that wouldn't mind his little head on a stick, eh?

The third way that Chauvelin and Sir Percy are alike is that they both use

disguises in the book. Percy uses a disguise when he is trying to smuggle out

aristocrats. His was of an old hag, and it allowed him to bypass the guards. He

said that he was toting along his son who had the plague. Percy also had many

accessories with his tricks. This time he used a rope of braids that Percy said

were from the men who's heads got cut off. Yikes! Chauvelin's disguise was of a

clergyman, used while he was tracking down the Scarlet Pimpernel. This

disguise allowed him to not be recognized immediately by Percy, but still he

recognized Chauvelin eventually.

Moving on to contrast, Percy and Chauvelin do not think alike. Yes, they

are both very smart, but Chauvelin plays dirty while Percy sticks to the rules. For

example, Chauvelin will kidnap people and blackmail them. He kidnapped

Armand and made Margueritte lead him to the Pimpernel or else Chauvelin

would kill Armand. Percy, on the other hand, plays fair and is very polite. Like

the time when Percy's life was in danger at the Chat Gris. When he was leaving,

and minutes away from his death, did he dash out the door? No, he politely paid

for his meal and left. Now that's nice !

Another thing that the two characters do not have in common is how

they direct their men. Chauvelin is more of a guy who will tell his men to do

something, yet Chauvelin doesn't do anything but direct. He will say, "Men,

shoot at that hut when the tall man comes!" But does he have a gun in hand?

Nope. Percy, though, will tell his men to do something, and you can bet that he

will be up there. Like when he rescues aristocrats, Percy is the one leading the

cart passed the guards, risking his own life.

The third thing that these two men don't have in common is their view's

on aristocrats. Sir Percy is fighting for his life to save these poor French souls,

but Chauvelin is trying his best to kill them all. Chauvelin's job is to find deliver

the aristocrats that are sinning on their country to Madame La Guillotine. Totally

opposite is Percy's job of rescuing these doomed French from death during their


In conclusion, it's easy to see that these two men have a lot in common.

They are both smart and creative, they both fight for what they believe, and they

both use disguises sometimes. On the other hand, these men don't really think

alike, they are two different directors, and their views are different on aristocrats.

All in all, these two men share many similarities, but their differences outweigh

the similarities. 

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