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Essay/Term paper: Cyrano poem

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Composition

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Cyrano, like the skipper, was brave and sure.

But this story, was not about a 3 hour tour.

It is about a fearless man, with friends and foe galore.

Who couldn"t get Roxanne, the girl he"d fallen for.

He could speak to women like a Casanova

but still the girls would just pass him over

it was his nose that made him busted

and left the females quite disgusted

he was a kind man, caring and giving

but people still starred, glaring or quivering

he was known for his sword, but of course his nose too

he was rarely insulted, unless by a fool

or maybe Christian, testing his cool

but he'd come quick with his comebacks, till their egos were blue

he was challenged by hundreds, in sword fights

but left his opponents shaking with fright

but he wanted nothing more, than to be with Roxanne

but he could not have her, she was taken by Christian

he spoke for his buddy, to convey his love

because Christian was pretty, but dumb as a slug

he acted as though he was helping his friend

but it was all part, of his master plan

he would enlighten Roxanne, on his undying love

while hiding behind, Christian"s nice mug

but his plan went arry, during a bloody fight

when Christian was killed, while in Roxanne"s sight

cyrano couldn"t tell her, that it was him

who had written, so gracefully, all those beautiful things

he would not make her suffer, any more than she had

fore he knew that it would make her, even more sad

he kept his great secret, for 15 more years

all of the while, having no fears

until he was hit, on the back of the head

he was knocked unconscious, and then he was dead

but before cyrano took his great dirt nap

his vow of silence would finally snap

he confessed to Roxanne all of his lies

and then he died, while by her side


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