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Essay/Term paper: Good things about oregon's new driving law

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Composition

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Oregon"s new driving law is going to make a major difference The new law changes the

ages of becoming a fully licensed driver. The new program goes in three steps instead of two

like the current program. It works like this: When a potential driver is 15, he can get his learners

permit. He must have a licensed adult with him at all times while driving. When he turns 16, he

can get a license that only allows him to drive during the day and never with any other teenagers

in the car when by himself. Then, when he turns 18, he can get a full license. The law is

designed to foster the development of maturity in teens, , and the new law has worked

successfully in other states.

The new driving program is made to fit the maturity level of teens better than the current

one. It gives teens a chance to learn to drive, but during the period of time in a teens life that

causes, cuts out some of the most major distractions that cause accidents like night driving and

when there are other teens in the car. This, many lawmakers believe, should help reduce the

number of accidents and car-related deaths drastically. Many young drivers, like myself, hope it

will help lower the price of insurance so that we will have a little more money in our pockets for

the future. This is one reason why the new law is going to make driving safer.

Another big distraction eliminated with Oregon"s new driving law is the presence of

other teenagers in the car. Studies have shown that the chance of an accident by a teen driver is

greatly increased with the presence of teen passengers. The main theory behind that is that teens

like to show off to their piers and in so doing so can kill them because of inexperience or plain

stupidity. Many politicians, lawmakers, and drivers hope this will help eliminate a fair amount

of the wreckless driving that takes too many peoples lives each year.

Another hopeful sign of the new law is that it has already been used in other states

showing promising results. Car-related teen deaths and accidents dropped a significant amount

in other states like Georgia and South Carolina. Many people are looking forward to seeing

those same results here.

Many teens don"t agree with the new law because they want to get their drivers licenses

and take their friends everywhere with them. They also want to have more independence from

their parents. But I think that it"s time to instate this new law because of helping teens mature in

their driving, helping them concentrate on their driving by eliminating the teen passengers, and

by the promising results showed by other states. This new law is supposed to go into effect of

March this year I am looking forward to seeing the new driving law put into action here on

Oregon"s roads and highways. 

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