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Essay/Term paper: How to get out of a speeding ticket

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Composition

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How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

There are many approaches that we humans use to weasel out of a speeding ticket. This is not an easy task, but it has been mastered by a select few. The very reasonable way of just not speeding is used quite often. The method of lying is frequently used. This is sometimes effective and usually safe. The flirtatious approach (which usually is used only by females) is tried numerous times on male officers. Finally, there is the method of "outrunning the cops". This method quite often ends in arrest.

Not speeding is probably the best bet of not getting a ticket. If you aren't speeding then you have removed yourself from the situation of ever getting a ticket. Although this is the most intelligent and safe way to avoid tickets, it is also the least enjoyable. Everyone speeds. It is not to be said that it is impossible not to speed, it is just highly unlikely.

Lying out of a ticket is a very commonly used approach. Sometimes they work, and sometimes they fail miserably. A few examples of the commonly used lies are: "but officer, I was running really late for work today", and "I'm sorry officer, there is a family emergency", and we can't forget the often used "but officer, I didn't realize I was speeding, my speedometer must be off". People have tried to pull off countless other lies on policemen. The list goes on.

The flirtatious method is one of great skill that has been perfected by females across the country. When an officer pulls over a female, the female will do one or two things. She will either put her lips, bat her eyes, and turn on the charm (usually done by women who think of themselves as somewhat attractive), or cry (usually done by women who find it easy to make themselves to look innocent). Both of these methods are highly recommendable (speaking from personal experience).

Last but not least, there is the "outrunning the cops" method. I would not recommend this to anyone who has a vehicle with a 4 cylinder. More than likely if this method is used, the person getting pulled over is either intoxicated or just stupid. Many who try this wind up being arrested which is something most of us try to avoid. Not only will this get you a speeding ticket; you will receive two more for driving while intoxicated and failing to yield to a police officer. If this were to happen, you probably wouldn't have to worry about getting a ticket in the future because you won't have a driver's license.

People attempt many approaches to exempt themselves from a ticket. This is not something just everyone can do. It is a refined art only capable by the masters. One should come to realize that this will not work every time, so be prepared to mail a check to the courthouse at one point or another because sooner or later a speeding ticket will be administered to you.


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