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Essay/Term paper: It is hard to be a teacher

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Composition

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I don't know the thing which I am going to talk about had happened some place else or not, but it truly occurred in Taiwan. One day, I arrived home and I was sitting on a chair, suddenly, something got my attention. It was a breaking news titled with "student attacks" from the newspaper which was next to me. It talked about a teacher who was attacked by a student from the back when he was turning toward the black broad. Because this student threw his back bag at the teacher's back of the head, it might have cause the teacher to never wake up again. I saw the same news from the TV that day too.

"Why did you throw the bag to your teacher, and cause him injury?" a curious reporter asked the student seriously.

"He was annoying." he answered.


"His homework was too much and too hard …….. he told my parents everything including how I skip school and smoked. It is not his business," that boy answered with a loud voice. Maybe he did not know that his teacher was in danger.

I was thinking how unlucky the teacher was. Isn't it a teacher's responsibility to assign homework and report the student's behavior to their parent. But instead of being appreciated, he almost got killed by his own student.

To be a teacher was a wonderful goal for the people who had ambition to develop a doctor, a lawyer or a scientist. But because of the more and more uprises in teacher

brutalization by students today, almost nobody considers it as their dream job. That's why government tried to increase the numbers of teachers, even if they are not graduated from special program yet, they can teach the students and go to school at same time.

Here is another example of a poor teacher; it was a high school teacher who got attacked by a student too. Fortunately, the teacher survived after a great amount of blood loss, unlike the example before; this is not the most interesting part. The teacher was sued by student's parents because their child got a little scratch.

Due to the numerous student attacks, the number of teachers have steadily decreased over the year. But, even without the fear of being abused, it is a hard and a pay less job also. Before going to the school, teachers have to prepare the subject that they want to talk about that day. After school, they spend their time to correct students' paper. Usually, they spend more time than others in their job, but they get less money and less respects. Most parents think that teacher is responsible for their children's behavior. But they are wrong, teachers' work are only to teach.

Maybe some of the teachers were lucky. They don't have this kind of student who tends to be violent. But they still have one problem: "how to make the classroom a place for learning and fun?" I am taking medical terminology class now and it is hard to memorize medical terms and the meaning of them, but a teacher found out some easy ways. For example, -itis, sounds like " I test," don't you feel like in flames when you take a test? The answer is "inflammation". How did that professor find out this interesting and

an easy way to memorize a word root? He must spend a lot of his time on it since there is not only one term have to remember.

With less and less devoted teachers working today, tomorrow's generations is being cheated out of their right to acquire knowledge and information. I don't know whose fault is it, but it is definitely unfair to our next generations. The government only can raise the teacher's benefit to attract more people's interesting.

I was so happy that to be a teacher is not my future goal after knowing many cases about "student attacks" and "teacher sued by parents". Many of my friends want to be a professor rather than a teacher because they think that to be a professor can get more money, more success, and do not need to do something like grade students' paper. I know that is not exactly true, but they were just scared by teacher's heavy works and the children. I still think that "being a teacher" is a good job, but I know it is hard to be a teacher too.  

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