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Essay/Term paper: Jurassic park summary

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Composition

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Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park

Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler were among many people paleontologists that

were funded by a wealthy man by the name of John Hammond. The two of them

were visited by a man named Morris who was very interested in Hammond.

Apparently he had leased an island of the west of Costa Rica. He had some

kind of

big development going on for the past ten years. He also had been buying large

quantities of Amber which seemed useless due to it's low value. And Morris,


from the government, was very suspicious. Shortly after this visit the two


diggers were called by this man called Hammond. He wanted the two of them to


him on his island. It was some type of biological preserve that would change


world in science and Hammond needed all the opinions he could get on if it

would be

safe. He called it, Jurassic Park.

Meanwhile there was a young man by the name of Dodgson who worked with

a rival company of John Hammond. He knew Hammond was on to something big

having to do with dinosaurs. He met up with one of Hammond's employee's named

Nedry who was the design of there park's computer system. Dodgson knew that

they're company was some how recreating dinosaurs by making embryos. There was

just one problem, they're company was ten years behind and would never catch


Nedry ended up taking the million dollar offer from Dodgson for the embryo's


would change there whole company and update them on ten years of research.

When Sattler and Grant arrived at the island they met up with other

acquaintances of Hammond. There was the famous mathematician, Ian Malcolm.

The big and rather rude man, Dennis Nedry. The intelligent scientist that was

behind the whole park, Henry Wu. And the lawyer, Ed Regis. Soon later the

rest of

the visitors arrived. It was Hammond's grandchildren. And then, it was ready


the tour to begin.

The tour consisted of six people. Hammond's grandchildren, Lex and Tim,

Malcolm, Dr. Sattler and Dr.Grant, and Ed Regis. On the tour they saw many

interesting things. There was real live moving dinosaurs! The walk around tour

briefly explained how the scientists did it. First off they had to find amber

which was

tree sap that hardened a long time ago when the dinosaurs lived. In this amber

contained many bugs such as mosquitoes which drank the blood of dinosaurs

millions of years ago. This blood was then used to capture the DNA which would

recreated an actual embryo that would soon turn into a live growing dinosaur.

In the

tour was a total of 15 different species and 238 individual dinosaurs. The


unfortunately was canceled during the middle of it due to bad weather that was

approaching. Also to make matters worst the power went out and systems went

down and was unable to be fixed without Nedry which was quietly sneaking


the lab for the embryo's that need to be delivered. Unfortunately for him, on

the way

to the shipping dock he took a wrong turn and was killed by the Dilophosaurs.


man by the name of Arnold was also a computer programmer for Jurassic Park. He

thought he'd be able to find out what Nedry did but he just couldn't. Nedry


indeed a slob, but wasn't stupid. He decided the only way to get the system


again would be to restart it. This was very dangerous because he'd never done


before, but they had no choice.

The time in which the power was off was when everything went wrong. The

dinosaurs were smart and used this time as an advantage. They were able to


over all the electrified fences easily. When the tyrannosaur's got loose they


straight for the cars which were moving the people along the tour. Ed Regis


terrified the most which sent him running out of the car and into the woods.


turned out a bad way to go because shortly after he was devoured by the baby


in a horrible death. Malcolm also went running from the car which made the rex

plunge him deep into the woods. The only people left were Grant and the two

children which went running away from the large animal. Dr.Sattler was with


veterinarian that they had met up with shortly before everything went wrong.


there way back to the main building Sattler and the vet found Malcolm who was

badly wounded. After seeing him in such bad shape they brought him back for


Meanwhile the kids and Grant were making there way through the woods

and back to the main building. It took them several hours of walking and


the giant T-rex in many dangerous situations. When they finally arrived back


realized that the Velociraptors had gotten loose and everyone made there way


the control room. From there they radioed Grant and asked him to make a break


it to the power room while they made distractions for the raptors. The


ended causing Wu's life. Inside the power room Grant was able to manually

turn the

main power back on because they've been running off of auxiliary power since

Nedry disappeared. And after a few horrible encounters with the raptors in the

main building the children, Tim and Lex, were able to figure out how to get


system up and running to change to "main power" which electrified the fences.

After all of this Muldoon and Gennaro, workers from Jurassic Park, along

with Sattler and Grant took a gas powered jeep back into the forest. Inside


were able to discover that the dinosaurs had been breeding even thought they


carefully made to be all female, and that they were trying to migrate by

waiting for

incoming ships.

Jurassic Park was finally coming to an end. Malcolm had slowly died from

his wounds and Hammond was attacked by Compy's just before help had arrived.

The only survivors left were picked up by helicopters which had been radioed


the island. Muldoon, Tim, Lex, Grant, Sattler, and a few workmen flew off away

from the nightmare which had to be destroyed. All along Ian Malcolm had been

right. You can't bring a species back that had been extinct millions of years


expect them to fit in. Things have changed. The scientists were too

preoccupied in

finding out if they can do it that they didn't stop to think if they



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