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Essay/Term paper: Volvo the collectable classic

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Volvo the Collectable Classic

In this article it stated that when Volvo was introduced to the states
in 1956. The PV444, was the first US bound automobile ever. The car had
resembled a smaller version of the 1946 Ford Tutor. The car featured a two
piece windshield, small engine, and all of the standard features of a car of
it's time.

About three years later Volvo came out with a better version of the car,
the PV544. That was the car that gave Volvo it's reputation for Swedish Quality.
This car featured a one piece windshield, fifteen inch wheels, drum brakes,
padded instrument panel. The powerplant was a 1.6 liter push rod four that
delivered a smooth 85 horse power. The car ran about $5000-$7000. The car was
comfortable cruising at speeds of 60-70mph while getting a nice 29 miles to the
gallon. The vehicle traveled from 0 to 60 in a nice thirteen seconds, which was
better than the sportier two seater cars. The car had an over all top speed of
93 miles per hour, which was amazing for a 1.6 liter engine.

In 1961 the company came out with same car but had some revisions, like
a bigger engine the 90hp 1.8 liter. This car had natty trip in new colors which
for years it was in contempt. By 1966 the company was only making one model,
the PV544. The company didn't have any technical advances in the car which
probably kept the car and the company alive. To some the car was a very well
build sports car.

I know that in this cars day it was an amazing little car that was
capable of a lot for a family car. A restorer said that the only way to kill
the car is to run it without oil. I believe that, because they are such high
quality, crafted cars. Today the cars are very different, they have and they
are setting the standard for all cars. They were the first car company to have
invented the side impact airbag. The company's reputation is awesome when it
comes to safety. They far exceed the safety standards than any other company.
There cars are so boxy, but for some reason I'm attracted to them. Maybe it is
there unmatched performance or there unique looks, or it is probably there rep.
Whatever it is people seem to like it and they have for years.


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