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Essay/Term paper: The scarlet ibis

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The Scarlet Ibis

Brotherhood can either be "the state or quality of being a brother, or
an association of men united in a common interest, work, etc., as a fraternity."
That statement says that someone really does not need to have another sibling to
be a brother. Friends can act like brothers, or people in a fraternity can be
brothers. I am in DeMolay and all the other members are considered my brothers.
We all work together to accomplish things, and we never let people down.
Brothers are people who get along with other people.
In "The Scarlet Ibis," Doodle refers to his older brother quite often.
The remarks he makes helps show that brotherhood is the main theme of the story.
When Doodle was up on the loft looking at a casket, his brother explained to him
that the casket was made for him, Doodle. His brother told Doodle that he will
not help him down unless he touches it. Doodle then said that he was not going
to touch it, and his brother told him that he will leave him by himself unless
he touches it. Doodle's next remark is, "Don't leave me Brother." That shows
how Doodle loved his brother, and that he did not want to be separated from him.
(By the way, Doodle does touch the casket). Another example is at the end of
the story when Doodle and his brother were running to the house during a
thunderstorm. Doodle's brother was far ahead and just let his brother behind
like he did not care about him. Doodle's brother then hears Doodle scream,
"Brother, Brother, don't leave me! Don't leave me!" Doodle's brother kept on
running until he became too tired to run. He stopped and waited for Doodle, but
nobody came. He then ran back and found Doodle under a bush. Doodle was dead.
This shows how selfish and mean Doodle's brother was to Doodle. He worked
Doodle hard just so friends would not make fun of him. Doodle's brother was not
a good brother at all.
If Doodle's brother cared for Doodle, he would not have left him behind.
Doodle would have probably made it inside if Doodle's brother ran with him at
Doodle's pace. Instead, Doodle's brother ran so fast that Doodle felt like he
had to run that fast, too. Doodle's body could not take anymore and Doodle
passed away.


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