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Essay/Term paper: 20,000 leagues under the sea

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Literature Essays

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by Jules Verne

The news spread worldwide about a serpent-like creature. Supposedly,
part of the whale family has been ramming ships and sinking them with ease. The
large ship named the Abraham Lincoln was sent out to find and kill this beast.
An attack of the monster left Professor Aronnax and his long time sidekick
Conseil thrown overboard. Ned Land, master harpooner was thrown overboard as
well. An iron-plated submarine saved their lives. When taken aboard the
submarine they were treated with hostility. With an introduction to Captain
Nemo they became passengers aboard the Nautilus. They were astonished by the
Nautilus on how it could dive down to the ocean depths to see all that the sea
had to offer. Professor Aronnax and Conseil found the ocean depths to be a
new world!
Many life and death experiences made Ned Land feel uneasy about his new
life aboard the Nautilus. He was determined to escape. Captain Nemo took them
to many exquisite places. They experienced hunting and searching for pearls,
VigLo Bay, a hollowed out volcano, and the underwater city of Atlantis. Captain
Nemo took them to the South Pole, where no man had been before and Captain Nemo
was the first to go there. They almost died leaving the Great Ice Barrier.
Then they fought with giant squid. Captain Nemo seemed to be seeking revenge on
ships from his own country. He used the powerful Nautilus as a weapon to sink
many ships. After 10 months of being aboard they completed their underwater
exploration covering 20,000 leagues under the sea. A Maelstrom hit the
Nautilus and Professor Aronnax, Conseil and Ned Land, already in the dinghy
ready to escape, were thrown from the submarine. They floated to safety and
returned to their homeland. The mystery remains. Nobody knows what happened to
the Nautilus and its infamous Captain Nemo.


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