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Essay/Term paper: Creative story: grandpa

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Creative Story: Grandpa

By Eddy Arevalo

We were going to Las Vegas for vacation. I was looking foward to having
a lot of fun there. When we finally got to Las Vegas,it felt like an oven jacked
up all the way. When we got to the room it felt like when you open a
refrigerator. Then we went to see all the major attractions, like Cesar's
Palace, this was one of my favorites because when you go inside the roof looks
like the sky inside of a building. I also took some pictures in front of the
hotel near the water fountain. The MGM Grand was my second favorite because
when you go inside it this thing were you go in and walk around and see the
play Wizard of Oz. I also liked thePyramid because outside the is this image of
a persons face that appears on the splashing water. That image was all done
with Lazers. Las Vegas is a nice place to see a lot of cool hotels and sites.
Then it was even better because it was at night and all the hotels were lit up.
It looked like it was Christmas everyday there. Every single hotel was lit up
of all different pictures. We had fun seeing that but it was time to go back to
the hotel room.

When we got back the front desk informed us that somebody had called
from San Fransisco. We all had an idea of what it was about. My mom and grandma
were both sobbing. They were crying in way that didn't show. My dad and I felt
very sad even though we didn't know my grandpa very well. Before we had gone to
Las Vegas we sat down with my aunt and my mom said " if anything happened to my
grandpa to call us at the hotel room." When we heard that they had called we
were all sweating as if it was raining right above us. When we called back it
seemed like an eternity. My mom called, you could hear every button that she
punched in. We also could hear the ringing from the call. Finally, my aunt
picked up and started talking to my mom about how they called from Lima, Peru
saying that my grandpa was waiting to die until they got there. So that same
night we called Hertz and said that we had to get back to San Fransico and we
were going to leave the car tomorrow. There was a big fit because my dad had
already paid for three days but we only used it one day. And my dad couldn't get
his money back. The same night they called from San Fransisco we called United
Airlines saying that we needed to go on an emergency flight to San Fransisco.
They told us that they didn't have flight until 6:45 at night.

After we got everything settled we had to go to sleep so that we could
get up early to go to the airport. I think that no one slept except for me and
I only slept for a few hours. I was listening to my parents conversation about
who was going to Peru to see my grandpa before he passes away. I was thinking
how the situation was going to be solved. My dad said "I can't go because
someone has to stay with Eddy."I can go with Teresa (my aunt)." My grandma said
"I don't know if I could go because of my high blood pressure." Before they
made their final decision they thought that I would go with my mom and aunt
because my grandma has high blood pressure. Finally my mom said "I will go with
Teresa and my mom." I would stay with my dad and they would go because I had
seen him that same year when I was at Peru.

When I woke up the next morning at 5:38 in the morning, my parents were
all ready to go. My parents looked like people who hadn't slept for a few days.
Since the earliest flight we could go on was at 6:45 P.M. we had excepted. We
gathered up all our luggage and threw it into the Taxi like it was a piece of
cloth. We went to the airport as early as we could to see if anybody would
trade tickets with us. We asked a nice couple with their two kids if they could
please trade tickets with us. We explained the situation to them so they would
trade, and they said yes. We left Las Vegas as fast as we could. We couldn't
wait until the captain said buckle up for take-off.

In the plane I felt that my stomach was growling at me. We were also
thinking of what to do once we got to San Fransico. The plane landed in San
Fransico at 8:49. When we got out of the plane we ran down the stairs to get
all the luggage. It seemed like we ran faster then Micheal Johnson.After we got
our luggage we called for the first taxi we spotted. In the taxi I felt like I
was never going to get to our house. I mostly wanted my mom,grandma, and aunt
to get together and discuss. I felt scared of what was going to happen. Finally,
54 minutes later, we got to our house and my mom and grandma started talking to
my aunt. They were talking about how they would pay for the trip so quickly.
Luckily, my mom and dad knew a man that work for Aerolinas Argentina and could
get some emergency tickets for us so that we could leave that same week. My
aunt agreed with that.

Then my grandma started to tell my aunt that she shouldn't get too mad
or depressed or her blood pressure would go up. My aunt said to not worry that
everything was going to be okay, my aunt was trying to calm down my grandma
over the phone.Tears were rolling down their cheeks like an open faucet. The
next day they were off to Peru in the first airplane that left. The next week
my grandpa passed away.


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