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Essay/Term paper: Persuasive paper - evolution

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Papers

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Like the biblical hero Adam, a single cell let part

of it's body become another being, now one of a

pair. Like the heroin Eve this duplicate created

more of it's species. These multiplying cells joined

together into a legacy long in running. The history

of our evolution is dark, we fumble for answers

yet still need more light to unlock the mysteries

beneath. One must remember that when speaking

of the theory of evolution one is not only referring

to humans but to other species of the kingdom

Animalia as well. Some of the most prominant

evolutionary theories of all time can be found in

Charles Darwin's 'Origin of Species'. His

conclusions linked homo sapiens skeletal systems

to an ungodly creature, Primates such as apes,

gorillas, and monkeys were found to be closely

linked to the evolved human of the time. Within

500,000 years time, he claimed, that we had

evolved from Australopithicus Ramidus to the

present Homo Sapiens that we are catoragized as.

He sums the entire evolutionary theory up by

stating in his book, "We must....acknowledge, as it

seems to me, that man with all his noble qualities,

sympathy, benevolence, and god-like intellect

which has penetrated into the movements and

constitution of the solar system itself-with all these

exalted powers-Man still bears in his bodily frame

the incredible stamp of his lowly origin." This

statement may be backed by any number of

appeals, yet one must ring forth as the answer.

Survival of the Fittest, the natural idea that any

single being in a species will survive if it is the best

at hunting, existing, and passing down it's gene

pool. These "super" animals, inside a single

species, may have developed some sort of genetic

mutation allowing for easier grip on prey, faster

movement, quicker reflexes, or just plainly made

them more attractive to the opposite sex in their

species. In any case, this mutation, this freak of

nature, has caused the animals to live, and breed,

and pass down it's mutation to it's offspring. When

a primitive Homo Habillis gave birth to young that

could eventually stand taller and straighter than it's

ancestors was anything marvelous thought of it?

When this taller primate gave birth to increasingly

upright offspring, again, was anything marvelous

thought of that? Yet finally when an adult Homo

Habillis stood vertically enough to reach fruit on

the trees, to use more force than it's counterparts,

and stand erect there was a breakthrough. This

new hominid species, Homo Erectus, took nearly

50,000 years to develop, yet with time and the

survival of the fittest, the one who could run faster,

hunt longer, and go farther, the one who could

survive above all others conquered and created a

new species all his own. This species evolved, it

progressed to a better state by a abnormality in it's

gene sequence. Man does not produce variability

in which he creates new bodily devices to survive.

It is accidental, it is a mutation of scientific mishap

that lets the giraffe evolve from the horse, the

whale evolve from a wolf, and the human evolve

from the primal ape. Natural selection has formed

not only our anatomy, but our facial characteristics

as man and woman. Natural selection is like a

force, letting stronger and more intelligent animals

survive. 400 million years ago a prehistoric reptile

in Africa developed turbinates, these are fleshy

membranes which allow for an animal to retain

moisture in their breath while exhaling, any animal

wishing to keep a constant temperture to there

body must have turbinates to reserve heat. These

organs are found in the nose of every

warm-blooded animal ever in the history of the

fossil record, this lizard began a long journey, and

through the next 10 million years this lizard

evolved into the first mammal. By 300 million

years ago this lizard had changed and morphed in

many different ways, this lowly reptile had grown

hair, he had a forhead, and larger brain than any

other animal ever known to the planet, this lizard

had 4 appendages, 2 of which were used for

grappling and climbing, this lizard had progressed

into the primate, spreading all over the african and

asain continents. This lizard is our beginning, he is

our ancestor, we owe life to this reptile in every

imaginable way.  

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