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Essay/Term paper: Saki's "the interlopers" vs. callaghan's "all the

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Papers

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In the story The Interlopers, Saki writes about

two families that have been feuding for generations. He writes about how "interlopers"

stop them from rivaling, and eventually bring the two of them to be friends

only minutes before they are eaten by wolves. He does this by using dramatic

irony. Through the character"s words he tells us what the two will do when

they get back to town now that they are friends. This leads you to believe

that the feud is over and everything is all right. The author then, however,

allows the characters to be eaten by wolves; contrary to the resolution that

could be concluded from the explanation and/or foreshadowing of the resolution.

Saki"s purpose for writing this story was probably to get across the point

that you should not hold long grudges, especially without knowing the reason,

or it might be too late to apologize. His unorthodox style of writing however

does achieve his purpose. The characters in his story finally make-up, but

then they are eaten and do not have

the chance to tell their families of

the news. If you could continue the story, you would probably be able to assume

that then the families continued to feud.

The story All the Years of

Her Life by Morley Callaghan, on the other hand, contrasts greatly with The

Interlopers in this area. In the story All the Years of Her Life, Callaghan

writes about a young boy who works at a thrift store and is caught stealing

merchandise one day. By the young boy, Alfred, getting in trouble it affects

his mother; upsets and embarrasses her, and by watching his mother cry Alfred

matures. The story contrasts to The Interlopers because the author gives you

vivid clues to what will be the resolution and there are no tricks or twists.

Alfred is confronted by Mr. Carr, the store clerk, and is caught. Mr. Carr

then calls Alfred"s mother, Mrs. Higgins, to stop by because Alfred is in trouble.

Mrs. Higgins arrives and Mr. Carr makes clear to her the situation. She asks

Alfred if it is true that he stole the items, and he confesses so she takes

him home. Alfred sees his mother"s pain, and causes him to think some and

mature. He acts more grown up afterwards, and there is no iron

y in the resolution

of this story. Callaghan achieves his purpose of showing that situations that

require acting grown-up can cause you to mature in your thinking.


both stories, the main characters are significantly changed due to circumstances

and situations that they face. In the story The Interlopers, the two men were

fierce enemies because of the feud that had been going on in their family.

By the end they have pity for each other, put aside their differences and

become friends. In All the Years of Her Life, Alfred is changed in the way

that he has matured. He realizes that his petty thefts and childish antics

deeply hurt his mother; embarrass her because he sees her crying on the night

that he was caught for stealing from Mr. Carr"s store. You can say that the

characters in both stories not only change but so mature enough to humble themselves

to better the problem.

I thought that the Interlopers was a well-written

story, the plot was good. The liked the purpose of the author and the way

in which he chose to achieve his purpose. The dramatic irony teaches me (the

reader) a moralistic lesson: not to hold a grudge, because you know not your

fate and might not ever get a chance to apologize. All the Years of Her Life,

on the other hand, I thought was a pretty dull story. It was well written,

but lacked originality with the plot. The author did much more than foreshadow

the ending, he pretty much just laid it out on the table for you; enough to

anticipate what would happen at the end at least. That is why it did not hold

my attention as the reader as well.


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