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Essay/Term paper: Sexual harassment

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Sexual Harassment : Not a Funny Joke

"Hey baby, nice butt." Or how about "If you sleep with me, there will be a bonus for you on your next pay." If you have been exposed to these or any other harassing statements, actions or pictures, you could have been the victim of sexual harassment. According to the sexual harassment policy of Tufts University, "Sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination and violates federal and state law and university policy (Current Issues and Enduring Questions page 599). Sexual harassment cases are widespread around the world, and with the strong punishments and warnings that people receive, this is very surprising. So, as junior high school students, you should be aware of the reprimands that you will receive if caught violating the schools sexual harassment policy. Although sexual harassment policies differ somewhat in their wording, behavior and their punishments are the same throughout.

The behavior of those sexually harassing another is, to put it nicely, utterly disgusting. It could also be humiliating, embarrassing, and could even lower ones self-esteem. Behavior that constitutes for sexual harassment is broad in range. Say a male teacher - I say male and not female because …the victim is nearly always a woman - (Goodman 603) comes up to you during class and says that he will give you an automatic "A" on the final exam if you just… Would you be offended? Would you go home and tell your parents? I am sure any normal person would do so. According to many sexual harassment policies, these are some of the behavior signs : lewd remarks, pressure for sexual favors, unwelcome sexual advances, etc. (Tufts University 599) The list goes on and on. So if you have been exposed to one of these signs, file a complaint as soon as possible. Sexual harassment is not a joke.

If you still choose to sexually harass one of your peers, there are some severe punishments that will accompany your actions. Suspension, in some cases, expulsion, will occur. The charges will be put o your permanent record card and will haunt you for the rest of your life. Try to get a good job in the future with a sexual harassment charge in your file. Good like. Have fun flipping burgers for the rest of your life. Like I said before, sexual harassment is not a joke and will not be tolerated in any way.

According to journalist Ellen Goodman, women have learned to retaliate against crude comments from their male peers. " The good news is that women have stopped rolling their eyes at each other and starting speaking out" (603). Women now know their rights against sexual harassment and are taking action. My advice to all you young ladies out there, as well as gentleman, is not to just blow off excessive joking about sex, ones anatomy, etc. Take action immediately before it turns into something worse.

In conclusion, I would just like to say that if one of these things I talked about is happening to you, do not take it as a joke and take action immediately. There are many places here to assist you if you are having any trouble. Do not hesitate to ask. And remember all of the consequences and punishments that go along with sexual harassment. If you want to spend your life doing a job that you hate because you messed up in your younger years doing something as stupid as sexual harassment, go ahead and open your mouth. Just remember that you were warned about the consequences of sexual harassment and you choose to do what you do. And for all of you out there remember this : Sexual Harassment is not a joke, and you do not have to take it!


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