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Essay/Term paper: Star wars vs. star trek

Essay, term paper, research paper:  English Papers

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Thesis: Star Trek and Star Wars each posses similar and different general concepts,

themes, and motives.


I. Technology

A. Star wars

1. Weapons

2. Ships

B Star Trek

1. Weapons

2. Ships

II. Characters

A. Star Wars

Sean McGrann

Enr. English II

Compare/Contrast Essay


Star Wars vs. Star Trek

Throughout the past two decades, two science fiction cult classics have rivaled

each other. Both have strong followings of loyal fans that live and breath these classic

tales. Lunch boxes, t-shirts, masks, bed sheets, and figurines are only some of the

merchandising offspring of these two epic films. Star Wars and Star Trek certainly share

many similarities being the benchmarks for the genre of science fiction movies.

While the similarities are not difficult to see, especially when many people confuse their

names to be the same thing, differences account for he greatness of each movie. If one

were to place a Trekie (Star Trek fan) and a Star Wars maniac fan in the same room,

surely only one would get out alive. This is because Star Wars and Star Trek are very

arguably different. Although Star Wars and Star Trek are both stunning examples of

modern science fiction, they are not the same. Star Trek and Star Wars each posses

similar and different general concepts, themes, and motives.

First of all, the technology of Star Trek and Star Wars hold some similarities, but

mostly differences. Star Wars has the superior weaponry. Star Wars has lightsabers

(highly dignified glowing swords that slice titanium doors like nuclear powered

chainsaws), laser blasters, planet destroying canons, and mystical energy called "the

force." In Star Wars, most ships are capable of light speed, which can move their ships to

different galaxies in seconds. Radically shaped battle ships and battle stations also add to

the weapon arsenal. All in all Star Wars has stunning fictional technology which really

creates the right atmosphere for the dialogue.

Star Trek, however, seems to have a more realistic approach to technology. Star

Trek has pathetic tasers which look like garage door openers, but can be set to stun to

preserve life instead of vaporizing it. The Star Trek vessels also posses photon torpedoes,

which seem to always be deflected by the enemies shields. Star Trek ships posses warp

speed, which is a common caracteristic with Star Wars" lightspeed. The starships are very

attractive and streamlined, but hold a more realistic and practical appearance. Star Trek"s

technology resembles the most likely future of technology, which adds to the realism of

Star Trek.

Next, Star Wars and Star Trek have similarities and differences in characters. Star

Wars tends to have very primitive alien life, for example the wookies and ewoks. Droids

are nearly human with minor programming restrictions, but they do resemble tin cans and

gold foil mannequins. The leaders are headstrong rebels who are very young,

inexperienced, and emotional. Star Wars seems to appeal to a younger crowd.

Star Treks characters bear many similarities as well as differences. Star Trek"s

alien life can vary from very primative to far superior life forms, for example moving

slime to mind controlling midgets. Droids are very human in emotions and in appearance.

Star Trek"s leaders are over-acheiving pioneers who are middle aged, highly experienced,

and unwilling to compromise a mission based on their emotions.

The general background for both Star Wars and Star Trek are very similar, but

some minor details differentiate them. In Star Wars, the mission is fighting to gain peace.

The universe is full of life and alien life and human life are fully integrated. Underlying

beliefs stem from Christianity, Buddhism, and Judaism. The layout in modern society

could be compared to a eutopic society of hippies fighting the government to live in their

vans down by the river in peace and harmony with all of nature. Star Wars has

Star Trek seems to be a more scientific that Star Wars. The everlasting mission is

to search the galaxy and maintain peace. The universe if full of scattered life, but alien life

and human life are only partially integrated. The underlying belief in Star Trek stem from

beliefs based solely on science, facts, and the tangible. The layout in modern society

could be compared to hippie scientists who have a grant from the government to live in a

biodome and long to learn more about the world around them.

One must keep in mind, that on the final frontier, a long long time ago in a galaxy

far far away, creativity was the only limit to a science fiction movie. Star Wars and Star

Trek are both similar in their basic approach, but they are both so different that each can

also be fully appreciated as its own individual legend. These two very special films have

captivated audiences from all ages and backrounds. People for generations to come will

enjoy these two classics, regardless of the microexamination by die-hard fans. Hopefully,

Star Wars and Star Trek will someday be surpasses by yet another group of science fiction

films. But, as literaries have said about Shakespeare"s works, great stories will always

live forever, and so will Star Wars and Star Trek. 

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