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Through all of the years that I spent in school, I've had a lot of experience with different types of teachers. Every teacher that I've met had a different way of teaching and a unique method of explaining the material to their students. Some would be strict and hard while others would be gentle and mild; some would be effective while others not. A lot of the teachers have a good idea of how to behave with each of their students. Yet, regardless of their similarities or differences, all of the teachers I've met qualify into four different groups: cruel and difficult teachers, admirable and skillful teachers, unpleasant and stormy, and tender or caring teachers.

Cruel teachers are the ones that make your life difficult, by making you feel uncomfortable in every situation. Difficult teachers will give you complicated assignments that are somehow supposed to be done in class without any assistance or explanations. They are always sure that the students can figure out everything by themselves. So, if a student comes to ask a (cruel) teacher for help the answer will be "Read the assigned chapters again or go ask your neighbor". These teachers are not only cruel to students but also to their superiors. They think that all the rules should be based on their way of thinking and their ideas. I qualify those teachers not only cruel but also egoistic. After a year with a cruel teacher you lose hope and end up doing the work and forgetting the material within a few days.

On the other side there are "skillful teachers". Skillful teachers are the ones you admire. They are also hard but will do everything in their power to help a student understand and give as much knowledge as possible. After spending a fair amount of time with a skillful teacher you become enthusiastic about the assignments and projects you get. Skillful teachers teach students how to work on their own.

Also, there are the stormy teachers (who you don't want to mess with). Stormy teachers make sure to be as rude as they possibly can. They will make your finest work look like waste (of time and paper). After the student receives his work back, he asks the teacher why the grade is so low. Of course the teacher will have an answer which would be "Oh yeah, hmm…, I am sorry this must be some kind of mistake ..." After listening to the explanations and getting 89% instead of 55% (which is barely a pass) the student has to put up with it for the rest of the year. The student recognizes that he/she has to keep their mouth shut, and try to be as pleasant they can. To have a teacher like that is like having a one long nightmare through the whole year.

The last kind of teacher is a tender and caring teacher. A caring teacher is one you might have in grades 6 or 7. Caring teachers help students not only with school issues but also with family and personal problems. A caring teacher makes sure that their students pass the class with at least 80% or more. Caring teachers treat their students as if they are their own children (with kindness). Those teachers accept every person as they are without judging their opinions. If you ever had a caring teacher that you must consider yourself very lucky, because this might only happen once in your lifetime.

Thus, all teachers are stupid and I hate them


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