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Essay/Term paper: The forbidin fruit

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Ernest Hemingway

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Honors English 10
Frankenstein Essay
The Forbidden Fruit

"All things truly wicked start from an innocence."
Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961)
The Creature was not born evil. Nor was his corruption his fault. He was born innocent, without fault or sin. The Creature was turned to a Monster after he learned of humanity, and what a cold, cruel thing it can be. He was shunned, beaten, chased, and persecuted by those who did not understand him. The Monster then turned bitter and vengeful, and hated his creator for giving him life. In Marry Shelly's Frankenstein, The Creature symbolizes fallen innocence, his childlike naivete stripped away by the cold, uncaring world.
The Creature was truly innocent after his creation. At first, he knew nothing but base urges and desires. He was confused buy his senses, unable to distinguish between them. He only took clothes to shelter him from the bitter cold, not because he was shameful. He did not even remember his first meeting with is creator. All he desired were basic animal needs. He hunted for fruit and nut to stop the pangs of hunger. He slept in the forest under the stars. He sought meager shelter to keep him dry. These were all he desired before he knew of man. Only after silently observing a family for months did he learn of the ways of mankind. He became self-aware and learned common knowledge. He tediously acquired a written and oral language. Then he yearned to meet his benefactors. For years after his creation, the Creature was innocent.
Throughout his bitter life, the Creature was dealt one blow from humanity after another. After spending time in the cold, wet woods, he sought more adequate shelter. He found the small house of a shepherd, who ran in terror after beholding the so far harmless, yet hideous, Creature. The Creature was disturbed, but did not give it a second thought after finding and consuming the shepherd's meager meal of bread and cheese, a feast to the foraging Creature. After he left the cottage, he wandered into a town where he found some temping food on a windowsill. Not knowing any better, he went for it. He was then met by a mob of angry villagers, beating, and forcing him into hiding to lick his wounds. When he was hiding in his hovel, watching the family, he began t loathed himself. Later, when he approached the family he aspired to and silently observed, they shunned him and fled, never to return. After that, he read some papers left in the clack he took so long ago, and learned of his creator. He hated himself, and hated Frankenstein more for bringing him into the world, and then abandoning him. His experiences with man turned him bitter and confused.
Humanity made the innocent, naive Creature into a vicious, bitter monster. After he learned of is creation, he vowed vengeance against his creator, and against humanity itself. He became withdrawn, and stewed in his own hate, as he traveled to Geneva to mete his maker. All he wanted then was companionship, someone to talk to that would not flee in terror. Therefore, when he came upon Frankenstein's young brother, he decided to take him, thinking that an innocent child might not flee in terror from him. The child resisted, and informed the Monster that he was in relation to Frankenstein. The Monster then killed him in rage, and cleverly averted the blame to someone else that was close to his creator. Later, when the Monster met Frankenstein, he requested a mate, with whom he swore he would retreat into the wilderness and never bother man again. When he was ultimately refused, he completely destroyed Victor's life. Only after taking so much from mankind did the Creature become a Monster.
The Creature was not evil, but he was corrupted by his life experienced with Mankind. Maybe if his maker had taken responsibility, or if he would have remained in the wilderness, the Creature would have retained in virtue. However, once he was brought into the world of man, he slowly became a diabolical demon. He became bitter as he realized what he was, and as humanity shunned and beat him. The Creature was not evil, but he was more like Adam, who tasted of the Tree of Knowledge and opened his eyes to his world, and was then cast from the blissful paradise of innocence.


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