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Essay/Term paper: Contraception views

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Contraception and it"s Moral Standing

The use of contraception was never as widely proclaimed and exhibited as it is now. The use of contraception has become so mainstream, that it is now "normal" for even teens to use these contraceptives. Schools promote the use of this once taboo practice of artificial birth control, and partake in the distribution of condoms amongst students. This is a clear example of how modern society and its practices can change the way people act morally and physically.

There are many Catholics who use contraceptives instead of family planning. This is not accepted by the Catholic Church, and is considered to be wrong. Catholics believe that sexual intercourse is a gift that was given to this earth by God, only to reproduce. This belief is clearly over looked by many people today, not only Catholics. Sex is used a tool for pleasure and to fulfill sexual desire. Outside of marriage, sexual intercourse should not be practiced. This is a blatant dishonoring of what God proclaimed to his followers, and is also considered a sin. The predominant reason why people use contraceptives is to avoid the risk of unwanted pregnancy and also to try to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. This is going against the will of God, and in the Catholic community it is unlawful.

There are many activists who are against the use of contraceptives. Some of these people hold seminars and demonstrations that portray their opinions that are in the nature against contraception. They compare the human body to machines and state how the use of contraceptives is not natural and it is used as a scapegoat to the problems and responsibilities that humans acquire during their lifetime. Sex is highly practiced amongst unmarried individuals and the number is not getting lower as time goes on. Artificially controlling the functions of the human body is an easy way of explaining the effect of contraception. This subject is very delicate, and beliefs and opinions do vary. When it is all examined closely, it seems to be that contraception definitely has its bad points, but in a way it is not always considered to be unjust.

There is no true justification on contraception and its validity, but there are strong opinions, some which are stronger than others are, that support such beliefs. Some points are stated that contraceptives promote sex and sexual acts, as well as a spread of disease due to the amount of people who have "worry-free" sex. Who is there to label this right or wrong? No one holds such power. The only solution is that there is no solution, people are people and they will act however the are taught or feel like acting. Those who carry certain beliefs should stick to them if they think they are right, maybe some will however change their minds after hearing or experiencing matters having to due with the acceptance of contraception.

Contraception is proven to make sex "easier" and more readily abundant to people of various ages. It is a very profitable industry in our society, especially in the past few decades. Sex is accepted now more than it used to be all over the world. The advertising and portrayal of sex has grown, and so did the amount of sex people are having. These two factors go hand and hand with each other, and each leads to one another. Sex is plainly not considered a special action or gift anymore, but it a common way of living for people today.

In my personal opinion, as a Catholic I feel contraception is going against the will of God. It is allowing people to engage in actions that are not accepted by God, Even when contraception is used in marriage it is still technically wrong. However, this is not a plea of my innocence, but this is my belief and a way for me to show my respect and thanks for the grace that which God bestowed upon me.


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