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Essay/Term paper: Fickle fisherman

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Expository Essays

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Fickle Fisherman

It was an early Saturday morning, about 6:00am. I was Awake and dressed ready to fish! I had been preparing for the fishing derby for about 1 month and was ready to win. I got to the lake at about 6:30 and started to fish. As the day progressed more and more people showed up. Before noon there was no place to sit around the lake and people couldn't fish. Lines were being crossed and people were getting kind of mad. Beside me was an old, hardened looking man who i just ignored.Then finially i had a bite! I looked at the line and instantly jerked back the rod and reeled as hard as i could. I fought the fish for 5 or 10 min and netted it up. Not a bad catch, it was only a catfish but it was fair sized.But the guy beside me didn't seem to think so he looked at it and gave a little laugh and kept on fishing. I really didn't know what to think, was he laughing at something i didn't see or was there something wrong with my fish? I just disregarded it and continued fishing. Then as i was getting bored and drowsey I heard a yelp and the old man shot up. He had a bite! As he was fighting it he started talking and telling me how to catch a REAL fish not the guppy in my bucket. As he talked and talked the fish got closer and closer and he netted it up and took a look. The fish was about half the size of mine but it was a carp not a catfish. I gave a little laugh and continued and he tried to explain...."well you see boy, a carp is a hell of alot harder to hook than a catfish. Carp don't just eat everything they see, they're very selective. So if I were you I wouldn't laugh to hard just yet". I wasn't to sure if the information was legit but i really doubted it so I just went on with my fishing. It was getting close to weigh-on time so i had to get a better fish. Then the out of all the things that could happen, the old guy gets a fish on his line, and it was a big one! He fought the monster and got it to shore and as he was netting it he fell in the lake. Not in the deep part, only waist deep but I laughed so hard my sides hurt and I felt like I was gonna barf. He stumbled out and had no excuses for it this time, he just packed up his pride and left(after mumbling what i thought to be obsenities but i wasnt sure). I weighed in and lost big time that day, but I had a real good tome thanks to that old man. There was nothing really special about him or unique but he was just a really interesting guy who probably dosen't even remember me. This story probably dosen't sound as interesting to you as it did to me but I just had that man stuck in my mind.

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