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Essay/Term paper: Hunted mansion

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Expository Essays

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Hunted Mansion

One day I was walking along side a road that not to many people travel on. All of a sudden it started storming really bad. I didn't want to get sick so I decided to run into an old abandoned house for cover. No one lived there, I was sure of that. As I got in, I looked around and noticed what a spooky house it was. It seemed really spooky.
I saw a large room that was the foyer. The room had a checkered tile floor. It was lit a dark blue color. There were two lights on either side of the staircase that led to the second floor. Off to the right of the large foyer was a door that led to the kitchen. The kitchen was old a musty smelling. As I walked to the back of the kitchen, I noticed a door. I stared at it. A second later it opened! I ran out of the kitchen as fast as I could and ran up the stairs.
Up stairs it was even darker. I saw a long narrow hallway with a lot of doors on both sides and on the end. I checked all of the doors and I could only get into one of them. I walked into the one that I could get into and heard someone yelling and pleading. I grew scared but then noticed it wasn't a person. It looked like a hologram, but you could see and hear him. He seemed to be pleading for his life. I could not see whom he was talking to, but I don't think it was a person. The man was balding and looked like he was in his upper forties. He was saying, "I am sorry for coming into your house. I thought it was empty. Please! Please! Let me go. I won't say anything; I didn't see you murder him. No! Don't! Ahhhhhhh! Stop..." Then he fell to the floor after I heard a sickening crack. I raced out of that room only to find myself in the hallway again. I decided it was time for me to leave! I went quickly down stairs and went to the door I came in at. I turned the handle and nothing happened. I was locked in!
For the next 3 hours I was trying to find a way out. I walked up stairs for the third time since I found out I was locked in and there on the top step was a note. It read, " I am sorry to inform you that you are held prisoner here. Have you ever heard of knocking! Ha! When the clock strikes eleven you shall end the same way you saw the man earlier. There is one way out but you have to find it yourself. Ha!"
I stared at the note in amazement. It had a funny odor to it. It smelled like a nursery. I thought then that I needed to find a way out, fast! It was already 10:30!
I checked all of the doors up stairs again and this time a new door opened. To my amazement it was a nursery. I wondered who the heck would want to raise children in this house. As I walked in it smelled exactly like the note. I looked around and saw a pen. I picked it up and looked at it. I saw that it said "Chuck's Meat" on it. I decided I needed to go down to the kitchen again. This time I got enough courage to not let myself run away. Now the door that opened a little earlier was all of the way open. I decided to go down and investigate. I walked down the pitch-black stone stairs and entered a room full of caskets. I saw a note on the one closest to me. This one read, "Hello again. They usually make it this far. You are not too lucky. Pick a casket but be careful, for only one holds the key you want! Ha!"
There were 15 caskets in all. They each had a number on it. Starting at one and going on through 15. I remembered something I saw on the inside of the door I came on. It was the number 41. I looked down at my watch and saw it was two-till 11 o'clock. Because the coffins didn't have a number 41 on them I decided to reverse the numbers and make it 14. I shoved off the lid and there I saw a key and a note that said, "You now only have one minute to get out! Ha, not even I can do that!" I started running up the basement stairs the get to the front door in time. I got there, threw in the key, twisted it, and opened the door. As I was running away from that house I swear I heard footsteps behind me the whole way. I glanced back a couple of times but saw nothing.
I got to my house, threw the door open, went in and locked it! As I sat down on my couch a heard a sickening low voice say, "You didn't make it out in time! Ha!"


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