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Essay/Term paper: Frankenstein: victor

Essay, term paper, research paper:  Frankenstein

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Frankenstein: Victor

Victor Frankenstein has always been fascinated by nature. By the time
he was in his late teens he was at a school of science. This school sparked his
obsession with recreating human life. This was not an easy task because of the
minuteness of the organs, etc, which forced him to design an oversized human,
about eight feet tall. After many unhealthy months of labor, he finally
achieved his goal. The hideous creature sat up and grinned at Victor. Victor
fled immediately.
When he returned to his chamber he was happy to not find the monster. Two
years passed and he got a letter from his father telling him his youngest
brother, William, had been murdered. He began his miserable trip back home. On
the way home he saw a giant beast running from a barn. He realized this was his
creation and he was the murderer. An innocent woman (framed by the Monster) and
a great friend of Elizabeth (Victor's cousin and future wife), was executed for
the murder. This devastated the family (especially Victor, who accused himself).
He set of to put an end to this creation.
Victor finally met up with his monster in the mountains near a glacier.
Here he listened to the monster's story. How he studied and grew to love this
family living in a cottage. He wanted so immensely to be a part of their love
and smiles. He learned their language and how to write (by listening to them
teach an Arabian relative). After a very long time he walked into the cottage
when only the blind old man was there and tried to befriend him. He was very
persuasive until the children and the woman returned. The boy attacked the
Monster. He could have killed the boy, but, out of love, ran. The family soon
moved leaving the Monster so incredibly depressed and heart-broken that he
suddenly hated the human kind. But, most of all, he hated his creator for
making in the first place. He set out to Geneva, where he know Victor lived.
He was almost there when he found a little boy. He thought he could make
friends with him (because of his young, unprejudiced mind) until he discovered
he was the son of his hated creator. He murdered him, and took the boy's locket
and put it in the pocket of the soon-to-be-executed woman sleeping in a barn.
At the conclusion of his story he persuaded Frankenstein to create a female
for him. In the middle of Victor's progress of making the female he stopped,
realizing what could happen if he finished, and destroyed his work. This
angered the Monster so greatly that he swore to make Frankenstein the most
miserable person in the world. He murdered Frankenstein's best friend Henry
Cerval, and nearly has Frankenstein executed for the murder. He waited for the
wedding night of Victor and Elizabeth and murdered Elizabeth that night.
Victor's father was so morbidly depressed soon died. The only reason
Frankenstein didn't kill himself was out of the rage and thirst to get a bitter
revenge on this evil creation.
He pursued him up into the north and was, after a very long chase on dog-
sleds, was nearly killed by breaking ice and rescued by a ship. He laid there
and recovered from his sickness enough to tell his entire tale to Robert Walton.
He quickly got very sick and eventually died. That night Frankenstein's monster
came to see him in his death-bed. He met Walton, who hated him very much, and
told him of the rage he felt, and how his objective was nearly over.. all he has
to do now is kill himself. He would do this by going up to the northern-most
part of the globe (where no one could see him) and set fire to his miserable
self. He leapt out of the boat window onto some ice and disappeared into the


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